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20 Aug

Fixed Income Investors Take Shelter from Rising Rates: eVestment

FundFire looked at investment return expectations in our current rising rate environment with data and insights from a new eVestment white paper. Investors and consultants are anticipating that interest rates will rise and have been bulletproofing their fixed income portfolios to protect from the downside risks they see on the horizon, according to a new eVestment research [...]
03 Jul

Clients are increasingly using alternative data in asset manager M&A, says eVestment

Institutional Asset Manager looked at how asset managers and investment bankers can use eVestment data to identify and vet firms as industry M&A activity heats up. Investment professionals, financial executives and mergers and acquisition execs are increasingly using ‘alternative’ data to obtain a competitive edge. Satellite images of shopping centre parking lots, trucking schedules, mobile [...]
29 Jun

Tech, financials most held by large-cap strategies – eVestment report

Pensions & Investments used eVestment holdings data to highlight top stocks among institutional investors in Q1. Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet retained their dominance in long-only equity strategy portfolios, eVestment's first-quarter review showed. While the number of strategies that held Apple Inc. declined slightly and the number of those that held Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc. [...]
08 May

eVestment: Alternative Assets Under Administration up 10.2% in 2017

Pensions & Investments looked at the findings of the 2018 eVestment Alternative Fund Administrator Survey. Alternative assets under administration as of Dec. 31 totaled $8.42 trillion, up 10.2% from the prior year, eVestment said in a survey released Tuesday. SS&C GlobeOp ranked first among firms with total alternative assets under administration of $1.52 trillion as [...]
30 Apr

eVestment: Investors Eye Emerging Markets

Opalesque looked at investor and consultant eVestment Advantage screening trends to highlight areas of growing interest among this audience. US and Europe consultants and investors are showing increased interested in Emerging Markets Equity products, according to eVestment's newly release Advantage Trends report for Q1 of 2018. Emerging markets equities funds captured over 10% of all [...]
25 Apr

Investors Signal Growing Concern Over Valuations in Private Markets

Institutional Investor looked at the findings of the 2018 eVestment Private Markets Due Diligence survey. Institutional investors and their consultants are becoming increasingly worried about the sky-high valuations and heaps of dry power found within private markets. Sixty percent of private market investors and consultants surveyed by eVestment cited valuations as a concern, up from [...]
15 Mar

Fixed Income Pushes 2017 Inst’l Flows into Black: eVestment

FundFire looked at the results from eVestment’s 4Q 2017 Traditional Asset Flows Report. Institutional flows reverted to positive territory in 2017 with $185.7 billion in new assets for the year, including $15.4 billion in the fourth quarter, according to eVestment data. The year’s flows stand in stark contrast with those of 2016, when institutional redemptions reached $468.8 [...]
15 Mar

eVestment Adds UK Local Government Pension Plan Data to US Offering

Institutional Asset Manager looked at the expansion of eVestment’s Public Plan IQ solution to include information from public pensions in the United Kingdom. eVestment has expanded the data in its Public Plan IQ solution to include information from United Kingdom local government pension schemes (LGPS), giving Public Plan IQ users around the world unique and [...]
24 Jan

eVestment: Private Equity Top Choice For U.S. Public Pensions In Q4

FINalternatives used eVestment Public Plan IQ data to look at U.S. public pension plans’ allocation choices in 4Q 2017. U.S. public pension plans have announced 121 new commitments to private equity in the fourth quarter, according to a report from eVestment, a company that provides institutional investment data and analytics. This is down from the [...]
14 Dec

eVestment: Hedge Funds Extend Winning Streak

Hedge funds had a strong month in November, according to investment business publication Opalesque, which looked at hedge fund returns with eVestment’s latest data. Hedge funds marked their 13th consecutive month of positive returns in November with +0.47% average returns for the month, according to the latest Hedge Fund Performance Report from eVestment. Activists, long/short [...]