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09 Apr

Institutions Now Largest Hedge Fund Investors The New York Times

Pension funds and other institutions have become the largest investors in hedge funds over the past decade as they seek protection from any re-run of the financial crisis. They have replaced funds of funds and high-net-worth individuals as the largest allocators to hedge funds, an 11-year industry review by data firm eVestment said on Wednesday. […]

09 Apr

Multi-Asset Demand Driving Product Development

At the end of 2013, multi-asset strategies held $773 billion in assets—the second-highest point since eVestment began tracking the asset class in 2005, trailing only the $1.072 trillion assets under management measured in Sept. 2007. This number is only expected to grow as more asset managers continue adding to their solutions lineups, industry insiders suggest. […]

09 Apr

Tech Losses Hit Hedge Fund Returns

Data from investment specialists eVestment shows that funds with exposure to technology equities offered negative aggregate returns in March, down an average of 1.3% in the month. This brought their first quarter aggregate return to 0.2%. This compares with an average 11.6% return in 2013. Read More >

01 Apr

Schulte Roth & Zabel to Advise European Activist Hedge Funds

A leading US law firm has opened a practice in London to advise activist hedge funds amid signs that American funds could increase assaults on companies in the UK and continental Europe. According to eVestment, the research firm, US activist funds saw inflows of almost $5bn in the first two months of the year, equivalent […]

31 Mar

Time to Invest in Russia?

It wasn’t too long ago that Russia was considered one of the BRIC powerhouses among emerging markets, along with Brazil, India, and China. Toward the end of 2013, many respected money managers were excited about Russia — if not bullish… … They weren’t the only ones to find Russia alluring. By December 2013, American institutions had […]

21 Mar

Welcome Back, Hedge Funds

Investors appear to be warming to hedge funds again, with the industry’s total assets under management now within sight of their all-time high, according to institutional investment number-crunchers eVestment. Among the interesting nuggets: – Investors pumped around $41 billion into the asset class in February. Read More >

17 Mar

Foreign Investors in Russia Vital to Sanctions Debate

Investors broadly have remained sanguine about Russia, even though problems in the emerging markets began cropping up last summer. The exposure that sophisticated investors had to Russia has been largely unchanged over the last year at around $86 billion, according to eVestment, which tracks institutional investment flows. Read More >

07 Mar

A Hedge Fund Strategy that’s Been Limping Along for Two Years is Making a Come Back

…Distressed focused hedge funds posted their best returns in two years, according to research firm eVestment. They’ve produced the second best average returns of 2014 so far, at 3.57%. That’s after activist hedge funds, who’ve returned an average of 3.91%. “We saw improvement in sectors that have benefitted from the evolution of the market since […]

04 Mar

Ukraine: Seven Vital Thoughts on Europe’s ‘Biggest Crisis’

Investors are closely watching the situation – which foreign secretary William Hague has described as the “biggest crisis” facing Europe in the 21st century – with equities selling off yesterday as investors moved towards bonds and safe haven assets such as gold. eVestment vice president of research Peter Laurelli says: “At the end of 2013, […]