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FundFire: eVestment will start asking managers for staff diversity data in 2021

Starting in January, asset managers putting their data into eVestment will see an additional section in the questionnaire, asking them about internal diversity statistics and what kind of programs they have in place to improve. Behind the effort is a collaboration between the database provider and investment consultant and outsourced CIO (OCIO) Verus, a partnership that seeks to get better diversity data. “We’ve gotten a number of requests [for such data] in … the last 18 months, and the noise has gotten a lot louder around it in the past months,” says Erika Spence, global head of data strategy at eVestment. “It became apparent that we had a responsibility to try to do this.”

Reuters: Market volatility prompts investors to seek out long-short equity

Stretched valuations and the resulting pullback in equities have prompted more interest in long/short fund strategies that can provide some protection against market declines and wild swings, hedge fund and asset managers say. Data from industry tracker eVestment shows searches for long-short equity hedge funds on their database rose to a seven-month high in August, making up 17% of all hedge fund searches, compared with 11.1% in July.

Forbes: Hedge funds are finally seeing inflows

Hedge funds are gradually digging out of the hole they fell into during the first quarter of the year, but that hole was so deep that quite a bit of shovelling was needed. Data from eVestment indicates that activist hedge funds have been outperforming other hedge funds this year. Activist funds climbed 7.88% last month. On average, activist funds have gained 3.25%.

Hedge Nordic: Hedgie assets are flowing back

Investors poured $7.4 billion into hedge funds during the month of August, continuing the industry’s asset recovery journey following four consecutive months outflows from March through June. Investors added an additional $9 billion to the hedge fund industry in July, according to eVestment.

FundFire: Growth equity, high yield and REITs pique investor interest amid pandemic

U.S. high-yield, core fixed income, REITs and growth equity strategies have drawn increased attention from institutional investors using eVestment’s database since the onset of the pandemic. While elevated database viewership doesn’t necessarily signal an uptick in flows, U.S. high-yield and core fixed income did see an influx of money in the second quarter, as investors sought yield and safety.

Financial Times: UK hedge fund Makuria hit by oil slide and lockdown effects

Makuria Investment Management, founded in 2012 by Mans Larsson, lost about 29 per cent this year to the end of August, said a person who had seen the numbers. The firm tries to make money trading corporate credit, including distressed bonds — those trading well below par value. Multi-strategy credit funds are down on average 0.8 per cent this year to August, while directional credit funds — which take more of a bet on credit market moves — have lost 1.6 per cent as this year’s worst-performing strategy, according to eVestment.

Bloomberg: Hedge funds struggle as Nasdaq whale drives stocks higher

How can hedge funds possibly thrive in this world? Go big, or go home. Even before the pandemic hit, funds with large, concentrated bets were gaining market share. Last year, event-driven funds, which seek to profit from certain situations like mergers or takeovers, saw $11 billion of inflows, while the hedge fund industry as a whole witnessed more than $100 billion of withdrawals, estimates eVestment Inc., a Nasdaq Inc. company.

CityWire: Institutional investors’ most wanted: August’s hottest PM searches

eVestment, a database used by institutional investors, breaks down the most searched for categories, strategies, and managers, both in the US and at a global level.

AlphaWeek: eVestment’s top hedge funds in August 2020

This month’s peek into the clicking activity of eVestment’s institutional investor and consultant subscribers shows a new entry at the top of the pile, New York-based Nut Tree Capital Management. At the regional level, Gramas Growth Partners LP fund was the winner in the Asia ex-Japan region – the fund also came fourth in the overall standings this month.

Financial Times: Market volatility brings vintage hedge fund strategy back to the fore

One of the hedge fund industry’s oldest — and often least loved — strategies is making a comeback, helped by this year’s market turmoil. It has become this year’s best-performing hedge fund strategy, gaining 6.9 per cent on average to August, according to data group eVestment. This compares with 2.2 per cent across the broader hedge fund sector.

Institutional Money: Activist hedge funds are making their competition look old

In August, activist hedge funds were able to comfortably outperform other hedge fund strategies as managers with a large number of assets under management lagged the market. This is shown by new data from eVestment. The activists are also up year-to-date. Overall, the latest eVestment figures show that most hedge fund strategies are positive year-to-date.

Ignites Asia: Regional institutional investors exit Asia strategies in Q2

Institutional investors in Asia Pacific pulled out of a number of traditional strategies in the second quarter this year, including many Asia-focused strategies, according to new research by eVestment. Japan all-cap value equity strategies saw the most outflows, with nearly US$4 billion in the second quarter. Other Japan-focused strategies also saw net outflows, including core fixed income, all-cap core equity and large-cap growth equity, according to the report by the institutional-focused investment intelligence firm.

Financial Standard: Australia most active region in Q2: Research

New research has revealed that Australians were the most active institutional investment community within the Asia Pacific region in the second quarter of the year, with interest directed to long-only Australian equity strategies. The research, by institutional asset management focused research house eVestment, tracked the product and profile views of investors and consultants across the region.

Georgia Trend: FinTech in Georgia: From Strong to Stronger

If you’re looking for an economic bright spot this somewhat dismal year, cast your eyes toward FinTech, Georgia’s financial technology industry, encompassing anything and everything that allows, enables or secures online or mobile transactions. “It has been a very interesting time to manage a business through,” says eVestment CEO Gene Luciani. “We’ve done remarkably well. Luckily, we were a SaaS-based platform, so all our code is on those servers. Having to close the office didn’t impact our ability to keep our solutions on for our clients. We’ve been able to have the platform up and running, data flowing through very easily just like we were in the office. Our workforces transitioned to remote work very well.”

Institutional Asset Manager: Witan Investment Trust selects eVestment to support its manager selection and monitoring processes

“For Witan, it’s about identifying and selecting the very best managers for our global equity portfolio,” says James Hart, Witan’s Investment Director. “eVestment allows us to research more possibilities and to optimise our due diligence on world class managers for the benefit of our shareholders. Witan, which has employed a multi-manager approach since 2004, continues to evolve and we welcome the addition of eVestment’s innovative data and insights which will complement the range of inputs that go into our investment manager selection and monitoring processes.”

Reuters: Sovereign wealth funds stampede into stocks outside the U.S.

Sovereign wealth funds poured a net $7.1 billion into stocks during the second quarter, the most in several years, with the bulk outside the United States, data showed on Thursday. The funds also pulled a net $5.2 billion out of fixed income during that period, the most since the first quarter of 2019, according to the eVestment data on strategies managed by third-party fund managers.

Ignites Europe: European firms charging lower institutional fees

European asset managers are charging lower fees for managing separate accounts than US and other international competitors, according to new research. The global analysis by eVestment shows Europe-based firms “generally charge less” than their non-European counterparts for managing the same investment strategies. European firms charge 3.5 basis points lower management fees than their competitors among the 11 equity and fixed income strategies that allow for direct comparisons, the data provider finds.

The Asset: Hedge funds see inflows after four months of redemptions

Investors allocated an additional US$9.33 billion to hedge funds around the world in July, ending four consecutive months of redemptions that saw investors pulling some US$72 billion from the industry between March and June, according to a recently published report. With new money coming into the industry in only three of the first seven months of the year, the industry is still in the red for asset flows year to date (YTD) by US$46.42 billion and has assets under management (AUM) of US$3.15 trillion, the report by data provider eVestment points out.

Institutional Asset Manager: US fixed income strategies draw nearly USD100bn from institutional investors in Q2

US fixed income strategies received inflows of USD99.2 billion from institutional investors in the second quarter of 2020, excluding cash management products, according to eVestment’s Q2 2020 Traditional Asset Flows Report. “The net inflows to US fixed income in Q2 2020 almost fully reversed the combined USD104.2 billion in outflows seen during the first quarter of the year,” writes Peter Laurelli, global head of research at eVestment.

Financial Times: Institutions pour money into high-yield active strategies

Institutional investor enthusiasm for high yield has led the category to its best quarter in several years after distress caused by the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic created opportunities for buyers. US active high-yield fixed income strategies recorded more than $25bn in net institutional flows during the second quarter, bringing institutional assets under management in the strategy tracked by eVestment up to $555bn.

WealthAdviser: St James’s Place selects eVestment in increasing institutionalisation of investment manager selection process

St James’s Place (SJP), the UK’s largest private wealth management firm, has selected eVestment, a specialist in institutional investment data and analytics, to further serve clients with SJP’s distinct approach to investment management. Tom Beal, Chief Investment Officer of SJP, says: “As part of the continual evolution of our Investment process, we have selected eVestment to further enhance our manager selection, monitoring and portfolio construction abilities. We look forward to working with eVestment who will complement the other inputs into our investment process.”

FundFire: Active high yield makes a comeback

Active high-yield fixed income has been a difficult strategy for institutional asset managers to pitch over the last three to four years, but distress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to renewed inflows and an opportunity for existing players. Institutional investor enthusiasm for high yield led the category to its best quarter in several years. U.S. active high-yield fixed income strategies recorded more than $25 billion in net institutional flows during the second quarter, bringing institutional assets under management in the strategy tracked by eVestment up to $555 billion.

FundFire: Asset managers give more ground on fees

Asset managers are offering deeper and more frequent fee discounts to hold on to clients and win new mandates, as the balance of power in negotiations has shifted in favor of asset owners. In some categories of U.S. equity strategies, average active fees can be nearly eightfold higher than passive fees, according to a report on asset management fees eVestment released this month. “Pretty much universally, firm size had an influence on marketed [or stated] fees,” says Peter Laurelli, global head of research at eVestment.

HedgeWeek: Bigger may not necessarily be better: Largest hedge funds still down in 2020, lagging industry average

The ten largest hedge funds reporting to eVestment remain some 4.61 per cent in the red year-to-date, despite posting a 1.31 per cent gain in July. In contrast, hedge funds overall are now flat for the year, at 0.00 per cent, having registered a 3.43 per cent rise last month to successfully claw back losses suffered in H1. “Size appears to be something of a hindrance so far this year,” eVestment said in a note on Thursday.

CityWire: Institutional investors searches: The PMs that caught the eye in July

eVestment, a database used by institutional investors, breaks down the most searched for categories, strategies and managers, both in the US and at a global level.

Private Equity Wire: Why GPs need to move beyond Excel to move their firms forward

Simply put, portfolio performance data is a GP’s most valuable asset. It is their record of achievement, their recipe for future success, and their best fundraising tool, all in one. That is why it is unfathomable that most GPs are still relying solely on spreadsheets, 30+ year-old software, as their primary tool for collecting, managing, and analysing their performance data.

Institutional Investor: Active managers delivered during the market rebound

During a quarter that will make the financial history books, stock pickers earned their keep. Active managers of U.S. equity strategies generated an average gain of more than 23 percent, the largest positive return in 20 years, according to eVestment. As a result, the majority of U.S. institutional strategies outperformed their benchmarks in the second quarter.

The Asset: Hedge funds grapple with negative investor sentiment

Negative investor sentiment continues to weigh on the hedge fund industry, with investors pulling US$16.87 billion from the sector in June, market intelligence provider eVestment said in its latest report. If the trend continues or accelerates, full-year redemptions could surpass the US$102.25 billion that left in 2019.

Institutional Investor: The COVID-19 crisis could launch a wave of new asset managers

The end of the coronavirus pandemic could bring a large number of new asset managers. Data from eVestment show that the number of new firm launches tends to spike following economic crises. According to eVestment’s data, over 300 new asset management firms launched in 2009, just after the financial crisis. This was the highest number of single-year launches recorded since 1954, eVestment said. Most of those launches were in the hedge fund and alternative investment sector.

Opalesque: Hedge fund performance picks in 2Q, with Event Driven-Activist funds dominating

Hedge funds gained an average of +2.07% in June, but year-to-date (YTD) average industry returns are still in the red at -3.37%. The second quarter was stronger for the industry, with 2Q 2020 average returns at +9.91%. Roughly 40% of the industry is producing positive results in 2020, with the average positive gain among that group of +9.12%. The average decline of those funds in the red is -10.85%.

AsianInvestor: Living in interesting times

In today’s difficult environment, it is more important than ever for asset owners to deploying their money effectively – which means holding money managers accountable for their performance. AsianInvestor recently held a webinar in partnership with eVestment, whose analytics experts presented their latest insights based on their datasets. Amid unprecedented times of volatility and uncertainty there is a renewed interest among institutional investors to build their capabilities to better understand how managers are performing – both in terms of benchmarks and when compared with their peers.

FundFire: COVID-19 volatility puts active fixed income to the test

Flows into active fixed income strategies face headwinds as the COVID-19 market shock produces large performance dispersions, and long-term trends like the low-yield environment and a shift to passive continues. Whether in U.S. core fixed income or within all active non-cash U.S. fixed income strategies, the periods of elevated market volatility revealed varying performance differentials between the best and worst performing strategies, says eVestment global head of research Peter Laurelli.

Nasdaq Trade Talks: eVestment makes data available to more asset managers through Instant Insights

eVestment makes data available to more asset managers through recently launched Instant Insights. Senior Vice President Russ Elliott joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss.

FundFire: Inst’l sales platform Assette integrates eVestment data

Software provider Assette has reached an agreement to incorporate eVestment data into its automated sales and digital communication platform used by asset managers. Clients of both firms will be able to create sales and marketing materials on Assette’s platform incorporating data collected by eVestment. The firm expects the integration will help asset managers’ sales and marketing teams eliminate manual process associated with adding eVestment data to pitchbooks, presentations and other sales and marketing materials.

Institutional Asset Manager: eVestment and Assette partner to provide data integration to asset management firms

eVestment, an institutional investment data and analytics provider, and Assette, a sales and client communication software firm, have teamed up to help asset managers integrate peer performance, key professional, fees and other data seamlessly into client and sales communications. With this new agreement, a pre-built connector pulls eVestment data directly into the Assette platform, allowing asset managers to access quantitative and qualitative data from multiple sources easily.

IPE: Norway’s AFP pension fund taps eVestment

Norwegian private sector pension fund AFP has picked US data firm eVestment to provide services to help it monitor external managers and handle its data collection and review processes more efficiently, according to the US firm. Frode Veiby, senior portfolio manager at the pension fund, said AFP was “very excited” to use the eVestment platform. “Finding and monitoring institutional asset managers locally and around the world is important to our success in serving our pensioners,” he said.

Yahoo Finance: Instant Insights brings eVestment data to more users

eVestment, a global leader in institutional investment data and analytics, has launched Instant Insights for traditional asset managers to surface key data points about their products and business opportunities in the spaces in which they compete. Instant Insights is next-generation competitive intelligence for executives in sales, marketing and consultant relations who want to set product and market priorities with data.

Bloomberg: Hedge funds see inflows in May after months of redemptions

Hedge funds saw net inflows for the first time since February, with the industry bringing in $1.7 billion in May, according to data provider eVestment. Still, redemptions for the year stood at more than $30 billion, the firm said.

Pensions & Investments: Norway’s Fellesordningen chooses eVestment for manager selection, monitoring

Fellesordningen for AFP, Lysaker, Norway, selected eVestment to provide assistance with manager selection and monitoring.  The firm will help the supplementary multiemployer plan with manager analysis through use of a database, said Frode Veiby, senior portfolio manager. “We are very excited to utilize the eVestment platform and know that eVestment has the breadth and depth in coverage and proprietary data and tools to make sure that we are able to identify the appropriate strategies for the management of the AFP fund,” he added.

AM Watch: Data provider makes another breakthrough with Nordic pension fund

Norwegian pension fund Fellesordningen for AFP chooses data provider eVestment to help select and monitor asset managers and to more efficiently manage its data collection and processes. AFP is a private sector tariff-based pension scheme in Norway with around EUR 3.7 billion in assets under management. According to eVestment, the data provider sees a trend of Nordic pension funds beginning to look more globally for managers and using tools like eVestment to do so.

Private Funds CFO: Will PE wake up to WFH?

Flexible working was not fashionable in private equity before 2020. Only 7 percent of private markets professionals regularly worked from home, said a survey of 311 of them by eVestment and MJ Hudson. Of those, 80 percent were senior team members. “Working from home is a privilege to be earned, rather than a right, it would seem,” noted the report’s authors.

Financial Standard: Melbourne boutique partners with Swiss bank

Bell Asset Management’s funds have been among top performers in its category. About 90% of its funds under management at September end, when it partnered with Channel for retail and wholesale, was from institutional investors, about 40% of whom were overseas clients that it attracted through eVestment.

IPE: eVestment: Consultants decreased return expectations before virus hit

A recent report published by eVestment shows that on average consultants decreased their return expectations across all high-level asset classes, even before the global health crisis emerged. The report, Capital Market Assumptions Survey 2020, which looks at 2019 and pre-pandemic 2020 capital market assumptions (CMAs), revealed these adjustments come after a year of high returns across many markets in 2019.

Pensions & Investments: Consultants forecast lower returns in 2020 even before COVID-19

Data aggregated by eVestment show that across 12 major asset classes declining return expectations were reported in all but core real estate. Emerging market return expectations had the most significant declines, with equity returns falling 125 basis points and U.S. dollar denominated debt 147 basis points lower.

IPE: AP1 saves resources by adding eVestment to monitoring kit

Swedish state pension buffer fund AP1 has started using data services from US provider eVestment to monitor the performance of its external managers – a move the SEK366bn (€35bn) fund said will help it direct its resources more efficiently. Majdi Chammas, portfolio manager in AP1’s new external partnerships and innovation department, told IPE: “AP1 has decided to add eVestment to the existing toolkit. The eVestment database will help us in the monitoring process of existing and shortlisted managers and allow us to focus our resources.”

FundFire: Pandemic gives rise to new industry conference models

Industry conference organizers are recreating events to adjust to the social norms imposed by the pandemic. New conference formats are opening access to new attendees, generating new data on attendee preferences, and creating new sponsorship opportunities for asset management marketers. Data provider eVestment cancelled its Atlanta annual conference and repurposed the content for free webcasts and podcasts, says marketing operations manager Erica Jack. “We chose not to postpone it later this year… mostly due to uncertainty of how things will play out.”

Ignites Asia: HK hedge fund dangles full loss insurance for 50% performance fee

A Hong Kong-based hedge fund is offering to cover full losses on a new share class to drum up interest in its strategies after the sector was heavily hit by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. During the first four months of this year, the global hedge fund industry saw outflows of about US$31 billion as investors scrambled for the exit amid the spread of the pandemic. In fact, the resulting sell-off in March occurred during the worst monthly performance for hedge funds since the global financial crisis of 2008, the publication said, citing institutional investment data provider eVestment.

Pensions & Investments: AP1 chooses eVestment technology to monitor managers

AP1, Stockholm, will use technology provided by eVestment to help in its quantitative analysis of money managers, a spokesman said. The 365.8 billion Swedish kronor ($38.6 billion) fund will use the eVestment technology in the monitoring process of new and existing managers as well as managers on the fund’s watchlist.

AM Watch: Investment data provider eVestment reels in AP1 as new customer

Swedish public pension fund AP1 has decided to adopt asset manager monitoring capabilities from eVestment, a global provider of institutional investment data and analytics. AP1 will incorporate eVestment data into its existing process for monitoring its roster of managers and for continual monitoring of managers on their shortlist. The data should give AP1 insights into how those managers are performing if AP1 seeks to rebalance or reallocate in the future.

Institutional Asset Manager: US bond funds bore brunt of Q1 institutional investor outflows, says report

Examining data from USD28.3 trillion in institutional assets under management on eVestment’s platform, the report showed US bond funds suffering outflows of USD162.6 billion, of which USD111.3 billion came from active strategies and USD51.3 billion from passive strategies.

FundFire: Institutional assets gushed out of fixed income strategies in Q1

Global institutional investors pulled out more than $70.68 billion from U.S. long duration fixed income strategies, doubling the strategy’s largest outflow on record, according to an eVestment first quarter report. In the U.S., institutional and retail investors pulled out more than $50 billion from the asset class.

Hedge Nordic: Large macro funds bleed assets

After large losses in March pushed hedge fund industry assets below $3 trillion for the first time since 2014, investors redeemed an estimated $18 billion from hedge funds in April, according to eVestment. Following net redemptions of about $24 billion in March and $18 billion in April, net outflows in the hedge fund industry during the first four months of 2020 reached $31 billion.

LiveWire: Why invest in Australian small caps?

The ability for investment managers to beat their respective benchmark performance in niche markets like Australian small caps has been consistent and has delivered significantly higher alpha as compared to other equity classes over the long-term. Author Phillip Hudak of AMP Capital uses eVestment data as a source for this article.

Reuters: Sovereign wealth funds fly to relative safety of U.S. assets amid pandemic

U.S. equity strategies managed by third-party fund managers sucked in net flows of $5.36 billion from sovereign funds in the first quarter, with the majority headed to passive S&P 500 equity strategies which posted their largest inflows in at least three years, according to data from eVestment.

CityWire Asia: Major hedge funds staged a comeback in April

Hedge funds gained an average of +5.02% in April, but remained largely negative year-to-date at -7.49%, just-released data by eVestment has revealed.

Financial Standard: Hedge funds rally in April, but YTD still bleed red

New data has revealed that hedge funds around the globe staged a recovery in April, with a positive aggregate return of more than 5%. It follows a disappointing March, with almost all the hedge funds tracked by a global database and analytics tool in the red. Despite this promising turn around, eVestment found that the majority of hedge funds were still in the red year to date, reflecting the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic on market performance.

AlphaWeek: eVestment’s top hedge funds in April 2020

Our monthly peek into the viewership activity by the institutional investor and advisor subscribers to the platform shows that Graham Capital’s Quant Macro Portfolio was the most viewed hedge fund last month, the first time that it has topped the list and the first time it has appeared in the top three since September 2016.

FundFire: The ESG boom is coming for credit, but managers lag on active engagement

Only one in two eVestment-tracked global institutional dollars allocated to fixed income strategies that consider ESG in some way, shape or form is subject to an active ownership policy, a FundFire analysis of the data provider’s numbers shows.

Axios: U.S. pension funds continue to lurch toward bonds amid coronavirus pandemic

U.S. pension plans already were above their target allocation to fixed income before the coronavirus pandemic, and the outperformance of fixed income during the first quarter has further shifted the tide, a new report from eVestment shows.

FundFire: Did OCIOs earn their keep in 2019? New data sheds light

The first Outsourced CIO (OCIO) performance indices are here, giving institutional investors a new way to gauge how their provider stacks up to peers. Anonymized client data collected from OCIO providers by Nasdaq and search firm Alpha Capital Management shows that, on average, OCIO firms’ discretionary clients saw returns of 4.5% in the fourth quarter and 18% during all of 2019, net of fees. Five-year annualized returns stood at 6.5%.

Bloomberg: Hedge fund assets dip below $3 trillion to least in six years

Global hedge fund assets dropped below $3 trillion for the first time since April 2014, hit by client withdrawals and investment losses amid the March market rout, eVestment data show. Investors pulled $24.1 billion more funds than they deposited last month, according to the data provider.

Financial News London: UK pension investors look to step up private market allocations

UK public plans are set to make “substantial allocations” to private markets in the coming months, according data company eVestment. The shift is a reaction to the reported 20% aggregate decline in their performance in the first quarter this year, which resulted in a £40.7bn loss.

Ignites Asia: eVestment hires business development manager in Sydney

Institutional investment data and analytics solutions provider eVestment has appointed Daman Grewal as Sydney-based business development manager, effective in January. In this newly created role, Grewal focuses on growing the firm’s client base in Australia and New Zealand, including asset managers, investors and investment consultants.

Opalesque: Hedge fund returns varied in March amid elevated volatility, says eVestment

March was a highly volatile and dramatic month, not just for global financial markets and the hedge fund industry, but for humanity. “During the global financial crisis, financial systems were at risk of failing, whereas in March and ongoing, we face larger failures. With the understanding that these are delicate times for all, the following is a look at hedge fund performance amid a global crisis,” said Peter Laurelli, CFA, eVestment Global Head of Research.

AlphaWeek: eVestment’s top hedge funds in March 2020

Our monthly peek into eVestment’s subscriber activity sees AQR Capital Management’s DELTA Strategy re-take the top spot in the most viewed product category.

FundFire: COVID-19 forces work culture shifts for private equity firms

Before Covid-19, flexible working in private markets was not indulged very often, according to a survey conducted by eVestment Private Markets and MJ Hudson of 311 employees from across the global private markets industry, including GPs, LPs, and outsourced practitioners of core functions.

Axios: Hedge funds outperformed the stock market in March

Hedge funds outperformed the S&P 500 in March and have suffered fewer losses this year, showing their value during crisis periods, data from eVestment shows.

Vanity Fair: Too big to fail, COVID-19 edition: How private equity is winning the Coronavirus crisis

In 2018, according to analytics firm eVestment, pension funds in the U.S. and the U.K. pumped 27% of their fresh allocations of money into private-equity funds, up from 25% the year before.

CityWire: The shops that topped institutional investors’ searches in March

eVestment, a database used by institutional investors, breaks down the most searched for categories, strategies and managers, at a global level and in the US.

FundFire: Share your response to COVID-19, eVestment asks managers

eVestment is collecting business continuity plans and COVID-19-related marketing materials to meet growing demand for this information as the pandemic sheds light on asset managers’ preparedness for unforeseen events. The effort aims to serve as a one-stop shop for investment consultants and asset owners seeking information on how managers are responding to the pandemic.

Reuters: Multi-strategy hedge funds outperformed peers as market plunged

Last year, investors cooled on multi-strategy funds, which oversee $526 billion, and pulled out $18.3 billion, according to data from research firm eVestment. This year is different: investors have added $10.57 billion in the first two months of the year.

FundFire: First mover advantage poses challenges for new product launches

The first investment strategies to market can have an advantage on the competition in gathering assets, an important factor for managers to consider in product development efforts, a new study from eVestment finds.

Opalesque: Investors generous with new money for hedge funds in February. Will that hold up in March?

Investors were bullish on hedge funds in February, allocating another $14.78 billion to funds around the world, according to just-released February 2020 eVestment Hedge Fund Asset Flows data.

Institutional Investor: Managers were getting bad news before markets crashed

Before the worst of the market carnage was unleashed in mid-March, institutional equity managers were already experiencing some of the worst outflows in years. According to eVestment’s first institutional intelligence report, published on Monday, the largest outflows came from active U.S. and global equity strategies, while investors were shifting into cash management and fixed-income funds.

S&P Global Market Intelligence: Hedge funds show their worth in February as they outperform volatile S&P 500

The global hedge funds industry posted aggregate losses of 2.53% in February, according to eVestment, an institutional investment data provider owned by Nasdaq, compared with returns including dividends of -8.23% for the S&P 500, -3.73% for a balanced index of global equities and sovereign bonds (50% MSCI World/50% Citi WGBI).

FundFire: Volatility is back. Will hedge fund flows return?

Following a challenging 2019 when the hedge fund space saw nearly $100 billion in outflows, this year started off with a bang, as investors added an estimated $10.38 billion to hedge funds in January, according to data from eVestment.

FundFire: Nasdaq buys inst’l investor fintech shop Solovis

Nasdaq, Inc. has acquired financial technology company Solovis in a deal it says creates a “global leader of proprietary content, insights and portfolio analytics.” Nasdaq will make Solovis’ offering available through its eVestment group.

Pensions & Investments: Investors pull $59.4 billion from traditional managers in Q4

Institutional investors pulled a net $59.4 billion from traditional long-only asset managers over the course of the fourth quarter, and $210.7 billion during all of 2019, data from eVestment said.

Bloomberg: Asia hedge funds brace for lean times as investors stay away

Asia-based hedge funds lost 5% of their assets to net redemptions last year, compared with 3% on average globally, eVestment data show.

Reuters: Sovereign investors pulled back from equities in fourth quarter -report

Sovereign wealth fund investment in equities via external asset managers fell in the final quarter of last year, data from research firm eVestment showed on Thursday.

AlphaWeek: eVestment’s top hedge funds in January 2020

AQR’s DELTA strategy was the most viewed alternative product on the eVestment platform from its institutional investor and consultant subscriber base last month, taking first place from Renaissance Technologies’ Institutional Diversifed Global Equities and Magnitude Capital’s Magnitude International coming in third.

Bloomberg: Hedge fund outflows neared $100 billion in 2019, most since 2016

Investors pulled more than $16 billion from the industry in December alone, capping a year that saw the longest stretch of monthly client withdrawals since the 2008 financial crisis, according to data compiled by eVestment. The redemptions equal about 3% of industry assets and are almost triple the $37.2 billion in outflows seen in 2018.

Citywire Professional Buyer: The shops that topped institutional investors’ searches in December

eVestment, a database used by institutional investors, breaks down the most searched for categories, strategies and managers, at a global level and in the US.

Markets Media: Hedge funds see $4.45 billion of November inflows

The hedge fund business turned around eight consecutive months of aggregate outflows in November, with investors allocating +$4.45 billion to the industry, according to just-released eVestment hedge fund asset flows data.

Pensions & Investments: European fixed-income investors demanding fee cuts

Institutional AUM for all European fixed-income strategies has declined to $972 billion as of Sept. 30 from more than $1 trillion as of Dec. 31, 2017, according to data provider eVestment LLC.