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Exploring the Challenges of Multi-Asset Class Analysis in Institutional Portfolios

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Institutional investors are increasingly shifting allocations into alternative investments and are looking for one, integrated view into their full portfolio for analysis and reporting to key stakeholders. Hedge funds and traditional asset managers are looking for competitive analysis tools that capture a complete view of the market and help them tell a unique and compelling story. The acquisition of PerTrac further solidifies the commitment eVestment has made to the alternatives space and underscores an expectation that portfolio diversification will continue. Click the links below for more information on the acquisition and PerTrac solutions for allocators and asset managers.

PerTrac Acquisition

eVestment announced the addition of PerTrac and Fundspire to our growing family in November 2012. By joining forces with these two organizations, we are able to expand our expertise, scale and capabilities to offer the most powerful portfolio of solutions across all asset classes available to institutional investors. The scale and strength of our combined businesses and the commonality of needs will result in more product options for our entire client base and many new possibilities for our associates.

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PerTrac Analytics

PerTac Analytics is a desktop solution comprised of a complete set of tools built for heavy performance analysis, screening, research, fund positioning and portfolio construction with unique features such as simulation using the Monte Carlo method, as well as portfolio optimization using the Markowitz Efficient Frontier and Black-Litterman asset allocation models – all with automated reporting for professional marketing materials and tear sheets at the click of a mouse. Be on the look-out for Quantum coming early next year -- for the user who requires in-depth analytics capabilities plus expanded style analysis, simulation and portfolio-level construction and modeling using advanced quantitative techniques – all delivered with a web-based interface.Targeted for early 2014.

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PerTrac RiskPlus

PerTrac RiskPlus, in partnership with FinAnalytica, is an innovative returns-based portfolio risk management solution designed solely for allocators who need to analyze risk in even the most opaque asset classes. RiskPlus allows allocators to customize their risk analysis using tailor-made factor models, risk budgeting and user-defined stress tests to create a comprehensive, easy-to-interpret report that breaks down your portfolio’s risk and return components. With RiskPlus, investors receive an affordable and user-friendly way to conduct in-depth risk assessment of their portfolios in normal and non-normal markets.

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PerTrac Portfolio

PerTrac Portfolio helps fund of funds and other multi-manager institutional investors enhance transparency and mitigate operational risk by automating and systematizing the processes around the management of their portfolios of hedge funds. Portfolio was designed by a former fund-of-funds manager based on the feedback of hundreds of portfolio managers and uses the most complete liquidity terms engine in the industry. By providing advanced liquidity analysis, portfolio exposure analysis and multi-currency cash management, Portfolio replaces homegrown systems and allows investors to minimize portfolio costs, reduce liquidity risk, monitor exposure and better predict cash flows – all under one roof.

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