Nasdaq ESG Analytics White Paper

Pioneering Transparency into the ESG Space Through the Power of Data and Technology

Across the investment management space, the focus around Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) practices has both shifted and heightened notably in recent years. A once niche adoption, ESG industry integration has evolved into an all-encompassing transformation with ESG considerations working their way into almost every operational facet.

The impetus behind this movement is partially driven at the federal level. Earlier this spring, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced sweeping regulatory reform to mandate climate disclosures that would require public companies to report on climate-related risks having a material impact on financial statements and business strategy, and how the firm has taken steps to mitigate these into risk management processes. Firms would also be required to calculate their carbon footprint using Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions standards with independent verification. Pending approval, a phased rollout would commence in 2024.

The demand for ESG transparency and integration is also largely driven by demands from investment boards, stakeholders and consumers seeking greater focus on sustainability, carbon neutrality and social justice efforts. Nasdaq is at the forefront of these initiatives, delivering the platforms, solutions and oversight companies need to mitigate risk and create value in the ESG landscape.

eVestment, a Nasdaq platform, delivers the ESG insights and comprehensive data the institutional community relies on to make integrated and informed investment decisions.

ESG focused services remain a priority across our business as we lead the shift toward more sustainable and inclusive capital markets.