eVestment Associates Create Art for New York Office

15 Sep

eVestment Associates Create Art for New York Office

eVestment’s New York City office recently got some new art to brighten up the place – created by eVestment’s own associates. And because eVestment prides itself on having a fun, dynamic and competitive environment, of course there was a contest involved!

Associates were given about three weeks in August to take pictures of anything that represented New York City. The photos could be of landmarks, urban streetscapes, parks or anything else that obviously portrayed something from New York City or the surrounding area.

The photos were judged by an anonymous panel at eVestment’s Atlanta headquarters. Judges ranked the photos and those rankings were calculated to arrive at photos that would be declared “winners” and “runners up.” The four top-scoring photos were blown up to 24 inches by 34 inches, printed on canvas and hung on two main walls in the eVestment office. Several “runner-up” photos were blown up to 16 inches by 20 inches and also hung up around the office.

Just one more example of the unique ways eVestment works to build a fun and engaging workplace.