New Features Give Clients More Visibility into Asset Flows Data

28 Mar

New Features Give Clients More Visibility into Asset Flows Data

Released today, the latest version of our Asset Flows product focuses on ways to help our clients better understand our flow data – allowing you to have complete confidence and clarity into the source of the data you are using in your reports.

Data is the foundation of everything we do at eVestment. We collect thousands of data points from hundreds of investment managers around the world and all that information powers each of our institutional intelligence software solutions.

Because of this, it is very important for our clients to know exactly where our numbers are coming from and the processes we have in place around internal data quality control.

Here are some of the new features you will see:

  • A live snapshot of how many managers within a universe have updated their asset and performance data at any given point in the quarter.
  • The percentage of the products in a universe that are reporting assets
  • How complete reported assets are compared to the last quarter
  • Which products are included or excluded from our Asset Flows calculations – and why.
  • The ability to roll forward the asset value that a manager most recently reported, letting you fill in the gaps from managers who haven’t yet reported data this quarter.

We’d also like to thank the more than 25 eVestment clients who participated in our onsite usability testing and our beta release in eVestment Labs.

Interested in participating in future product development? Join our Labs Community and give your feedback directly to our product strategy and engineering teams.

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