New Labs Community Lets Clients Influence eVestment Product Development

07 Feb

New Labs Community Lets Clients Influence eVestment Product Development

eVestment Labs is a new exclusive community forum accessible only by eVestment clients. The Labs Community within the eVestment platform evolved from the popular Innovation Lab at our annual EI3 client conference.

This forum allows you to connect not only with your peers within our incredible client base, but also directly to the eVestment product strategy and engineering teams. Learn about new concepts we are developing, test out the latest product innovations and offer your feedback. Vote for your favorites to help us prioritize what is most important to you.

What will you find in the Labs?

  • Concepts: These brand new ideas won’t have any functionality yet – these are items where we want to get feedback from you before we move forward with a prototype.
  • Prototypes: Wireframes and mockups that you can actually test out – here is where you can really see the idea begin to take shape and understand how it might work in the actual platform.
  • Beta releases: Very early stage versions of new products and features that are still rough around the edges, but give you an even better sense of what’s to come when the feature or product matures to a full release.

Why should you participate in the Labs?

  • Labs are open to all eVestment clients. If you have ideas about how to improve the eVestment platform, the Labs Community is an opportunity to talk directly to the people who can make those improvements happen.
  • If you are an “early adopter” of new technology and features, the Labs Community will be the perfect playground for you. You will have access to the latest and greatest product features before they are fully released.
  • Your voice will be heard! You will directly affect product development as you test out new features and give your feedback to our product strategy teams and developers.

Want to influence eVestment product development? We’re listening. Join the conversation in our Labs community. Contact us with any questions at