New Sales Dashboards Help Unlock Competitive Advantages

16 Feb

New Sales Dashboards Help Unlock Competitive Advantages

As an institutional sales manager, you’re responsible for communicating the value of your firm’s products and selling to institutional investors and consultants. You’re also frequently on the road, meeting with clients and prospects and need relevant information quickly. When you’re not in meetings, you’re looking for reasons to keep in touch and start conversations with consultants and prospective investors. You need a quick overview of your firm’s products and what is happening in the world around you.

eVestment Sales Dashboards aim to cut through the volume of data available and display only the actionable insights and intelligence most relevant to your role – helping you stay on top of changes in your competitive landscape, quantify interest in your products, identify sales opportunities and better prepare for meetings.

Sales Dashboards help you answer these key questions:

  • How well is our firm and product lineup positioned?
  • Are we in or out of favor relative to our peers?
  • Which firms should I be watching closely?
  • How should I position our product versus a competing manager?
  • What advantages should I focus on to raise awareness with prospects?

Performing this level of analysis often involved handling a large amount of source data that needed to be correctly configured, pulled into comprehensive reports and synthesized in order to make sense of the results. We’ve streamlined this time-consuming process and put it into a format that sales teams can easily consume on a regular basis.


Access timely, event-driven information

Data is aggregated from across the eVestment platform and only the most relevant information for the tasks you are trying to accomplish is displayed in an easy-to-understand format. You can drill down to explore additional data yourself as questions come up instead of having to submit requests for analysis from another internal team. View and receive information in the format which makes sense for you – via email notifications, through our mobile app or by logging into the eVestment platform.

Stay alerted to changes in your competitive landscape

Get instant insight into significant changes in your competitive landscape, including personnel changes among competitors, notable changes in your competitors’ AUM, momentum increases for your competitors’ products and new competitors who are now selling products in your universe.

Quantify consultant and investor interest in your product

View investor and consultant activity on the eVestment platform within the last 30 days, including how often your product was screened, the number of times your product dropped out of a screen and why, intelligence into when your product was added to a custom universe for further analysis and the products you are most frequently compared against.

Uncover new sales opportunities

Identify your peers with the highest outflows, bottom performers and risky strategies. Products least correlated with your product are also listed – useful information in the event there is an opportunity to split a mandate with a complementary manager.

Equip yourself before client or consultant meetings

Choose any competitor products to conduct an in-depth comparison with yours. Find your advantages across multiple dimensions, including product performance, risk metrics, the qualifications of your PMs and analysts, fees and asset flows. You can also view a head-to-head comparison against a specific competitor to easily visualize competitive advantages – great for a quick reference on where to focus your conversations during meetings.

Sales Dashboards are the first of many role-and task-based dashboards eVestment is planning to create. We’re excited to offer this new perspective for our clients. Please contact us if you would like to set up a personalized demo of the Sales Dashboards using your own products.