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'Market Wizard' Author Searching for World's Next Greatest Trader

Feb 27, 2014
Jing Chen

Jack Schwager, the author of the Market Wizard series, announced Wednesday that he is launching a search to find the world’s greatest undiscovered trader.

The international search will provide traders with the opportunity to be profiled in Schwager’s upcoming book called "Undiscovered Market Wizard." Interested traders can register online through, whose mission is to identify undiscovered trading talent and link them with seed investors.

Schwager said that he has “interviewed countless traders over the past 25 years” and “found that many of the world’s best traders are undiscovered.” The financial guru and Fund Seeder will also be announcing The Market Wizards Search Roadshow, which is a series of international conferences where traders and investors will get a chance to hear and meet Schwager.

An industry expert in futures and hedge funds, Schwager is best known for his best-selling Market Wizards series. 



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