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Louisiana Pension to Redeem HF Investment

Apr 28, 2014
Jing Chen

The Louisiana Firefighters' Retirement System is eliminating its hedge fund investments following a recent asset allocation review.

Pensions & Investments reported that the $1.3 billion pension fund, which previously had about 5% allocated to hedge funds, voted to divest from hedge funds entirely at its March 13 meeting after a recommendation by investment consultant NEPC.

It is also planning to reduce its private equity allocation to 8% from 12%. The pension had about 6.9% of its portfolio allocated to private equity as of March 31.

On the flipside, the pension board voted to increase its other investments: target to core fixed income was increased to 19% from 15%, while its investments in domestic large-cap equity was increased to 16% from 14%.

It was recently reported by eVesment that Texas’ $2.1 Fort Worth Employees’ Retirement Fund is redeeming its $2.1 billion hedge fund investment in BlackRock. The reason for redemption was not disclosed.


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