Hedge fund industry performance moderately positive in March
(2 min read) Performance across the diverse hedge fund industry was moderately positive in March with 60% of reporting funds producing positive results and an average return of +0.83%. For the year, the aggregate return for the industry is +4.92%, a fairly good relative return thus far.
Global investors moving record level of assets into Asia Pacific and China Equities
(3 min read) Some key Asia Pacific equities universes saw the majority of managers outperforming the universe benchmark in 2H 2020. These results seem to be attracting interest and flows from global investors.
The Source Podcast: How Aon approaches operational due diligence
(26 min podcast) In this episode of The Source podcast, we chat with Rian Akey, Global Head of Operational Risk Solutions for Aon, to talk about their ODD IQ solutions and how they approach operational due diligence. Back in January, eVestment announced a strategic collaboration with Aon to provide their ODD research directly through the eVestment platform.
654 strategies from 342 firms added to eVestment in Q1
(2 min read) eVestment typically sees about 500 strategies added in a quarter, but Q1 well outpaced the average with 654 strategies added from 342 firms.
Phil Mackintosh: All about failing trades
(5 min read) Failure-to-Deliver (FTD) occurs when one party fails to uphold their end of a trade by not delivering their shares (or cash) by the settlement date, currently two days after the trade (T+2). Just how many trades fail?
IEX is all-in on data revenues, quote fade and (virtual) rebates
(6 min read) Rather than make markets more efficient, regulators have added more free riding. Sliding prices based on price discovery from other exchanges are allowed. For most of the experts in the industry, none of this is a surprise. But the impacts are far-reaching.
Assets continued to flow into hedge funds in February
(5 min read) While most is well, all is not well. There have been some large redemptions clouding the otherwise positive sentiment for long/short equity managers, and inflows to macro managers feels more like a vote for future market uncertainty than for recent proof of being able to succeed in similar market environments. But let us bask in the known positives for the industry for at least one month.
530 managers reporting D&I data to eVestment as of 29 March
(1 min read) Historically, the industry has cited regulatory, compliance or legal barriers to providing D&I data, but with over 500 managers reporting in a single quarter, the trend appears to be shifting.
What happens to stocks added to the Nasdaq-100?
(5 min read) Last year, the difference between the Nasdaq-100 index and other indexes was made clear, as NDX outperformed the S&P 500 by 31.3%. We dig deeper into what makes the Nasdaq-100 unique and look at what happens when new tickers are added.
JP Morgan & Northern Trust among new OCIOs contributing to the Alpha Nasdaq OCIO Index
(1 min read) Six new OCIOs began contributing to the AlphaNasdaq OCIO Index in the fourth quarter, further solidifying the index as the investment industry standard for providing transparency and benchmarking in the OCIO industry.
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