Markets enter the eye of the coronavirus storm
Markets enter the eye of the coronavirus storm: The last month has been extraordinary, but now we're seeing signs that the market is starting to act more rationally.
Hedge fund flows positive for second month in a row to begin 2020
Investors allocated an estimated $14.78 billion into hedge funds in February 2020 bringing YTD flows to positive $21.96 billion. Negative aggregate returns resulted in overall AUM declining -1.95% to $3.245 trillion.
Closing markets is not the answer
It’s difficult in a market like this to watch your 401k account shrink. To stop the flood of bad news, some have even suggested the markets should close until after the coronavirus uncertainty is over. But is that a good idea?
What consultants and investors want from managers right now
Global markets continue to be volatile as the coronavirus pandemic is expected to cause a sharp downturn in the global economy. For asset managers, business continuity plans are being stressed like never before. How do institutional investors and investment consultants react to a global situation like this? What is the best thing an asset manager can do to reassure their clients? We recently sat down with a few industry experts to find out.
Handling public & private market volatility, Part II: COVID-19
We examine the impact this pandemic is having on public and private markets – both from the perspective of what is happening now and what effects are likely to linger well into the future.
Handling public & private market volatility in good times and bad: Part I
There is clearly a massive amount of volatility in both the public and private markets right now. While information is readily available in the public markets, the volatility of private markets is also open to question, and not just because of COVID-19.
Hedge funds show their worth in February as they outperform volatile S&P 500
As reported in S&P Global Market Intelligence, hedge funds outperformed the S&P 500 in February. This was the third time in the past 12 months.
Despite craziness, the markets are doing what they’re best at
Although the market action recently seems crazy, and the selloff has been dramatic, markets are doing what markets do best. Providing liquidity and estimating future valuations.
Public equity opportunities for managers
By plotting the current allocations of large public plans in the U.S. against their target allocations, it’s possible to compute implied future flows and gauge the magnitude of potential opportunities in the pension space. The data indicates significant opportunities for public equity strategies, despite overall net outflows.
The strategies APAC-based consultants and investors are researching: Q4 findings
In Q4, APAC-based asset owners and allocators were thinking globally. Here are the top ten universes most viewed by asset owners and intermediaries in APAC.
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