Modeling private equity market beta
(9 min read) Over the past few decades, private equity and venture capital returns have been very robust, pushing many asset owners to increase their allocations. As their portfolios increasingly tilt towards private investments, getting the private portion right in terms of market exposure and risk becomes even more important.
Net hedge fund industry flow negative for only third month in 2021
(5 min read) Investors removed an estimated net $7.99 billion from hedge funds in September, reducing 2021 net inflow to $30.04 billion. Asset-weighted returns were negative resulting in overall industry AUM declining to $3.59 trillion.
621 strategies from 322 firms added to eVestment in Q3
(3 min read) eVestment typically sees about 500 strategies added in a quarter, and Q3 2021 was well above the average with 621 strategies added from 322 firms globally.
Strong hedge fund inflows show in August data
(5 min read) Hedge fund asset flow data for August shows it was a pretty good month for the industry. Investors added an estimated net $12.03 billion into hedge funds in August, increasing 2021 net inflow to $38.28 billion.
Beyond Diversity: A conversation on equity and inclusion with Regnan
(32 min podcast) In this episode of The Source podcast, we're joined by Susheela Peres da Costa, Head of Advisory at Regnan, to discuss their recent paper, "Beyond Diversity: Equity and Inclusion as an Overlooked Opportunity for Investors."
Universe flows and viewership data correlated to future flows
(8 min read) Each issue of eVestment’s quarterly Institutional Intelligence report uses flows and viewership data to identify 10 “trending” universes. In this article, we revisited our previously published reports to see if positively trending universes did, in fact, see net inflows and similarly, whether negatively trending universes experienced net outflows.
Trade Talks: eVestment institutional flow trends for the second quarter
(6 min video) Jill Malandrino, Global Markets Reporter at Nasdaq, sat down with John Molesphini, Nasdaq Investment Intelligence's  Global Head of Insights, to discuss the latest institutional asset flow trends for the second quarter.
Diversity, equity & inclusion: The path to transparency
In our whitepaper, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: The Path to Transparency, we discuss the collective efforts on the entire investment industry ecosystem, including asset owners, consultants, and asset managers, to adopt and implement the standardization of diversity and inclusion data.
Webinar: Power positioning for value managers
(18 min webinar) Institutional investors know value investing will be out of favor in certain market cycles. What matters most to them is that value managers stay true to their stated investment philosophy rather than chasing returns – and they use specific data to assess manager discipline.
Where asset owners are focusing their manager research: H1 2021
(6 min read) Institutional investors located around the world use eVestment to view the detailed product profiles of asset managers’ various strategies hundreds of thousands of times every year. These product views can be summed up to show interest at broader levels. In this article, we examine the trends by asset class and region.
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