530 managers reporting D&I data to eVestment as of 29 March
30 March 2021
Collecting D&I data is a collaboration among consultants, asset owners, investment managers, hedge funds and eVestment to bring greater transparency around diversity and inclusion to the institutional market.

In the first quarter since the launch of D&I questions in December 2020, over 500 firms have provided data to eVestment about their firms’ D&I policies and programs and/or statistical data on the composition of their portfolio teams.

According to Erika Spence, eVestment’s Global Head of Data Strategy, the questionnaire was designed to be flexible. “We don’t want to be punitive with this effort,” Spence explains. “There is a recognition that many asset managers and hedge funds have work to do, but they’re implementing thoughtful programs and policies that are intended to drive change. The D&I questions in eVestment give these firms an opportunity to describe their initiatives and what they’re doing to achieve D&I objectives.”

Historically, the industry has cited regulatory, compliance or legal barriers to providing D&I data, but with over 500 managers reporting in a single quarter, the trend appears to be shifting.

See the list of managers reporting D&I data >

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