Active managers delivered in 2020
9 February 2021

Reading the Chart
This chart ranks roll-up universes by the proportion of products outperforming their primary universe benchmark. The highlighted yellow line demarks the crossover between universes with greater/less than 50% of products outperforming.

Key Takeaways
In 2020, and in 2019, the majority of roll-up universes had more than 50% of products outperform their primary universe’s most common benchmark.

Outperforming managers in universes with a lower proportion of products beating their benchmarks have a unique opportunity to differentiate their strategies. And outperforming managers in universes with many similarly outperforming peers need product narratives that go beyond performance alone. In both cases, eVestment can help. Request a consultation on using eVestment data to tell your unique product story:

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eVestment Roll-up Universes Ranked by the Proportion of Products Outperforming Their Primary Universe’s Most Common Benchmark

Source: eVestment Analytics

Most Common Manager-Preferred Primary Universe Benchmarks

Global Equity

Global Large Cap Core EquityMSCI World Large Cap-GD
Global All Cap Core EquityMSCI World-GD
Global All Cap Growth EquityMSCI World Growth-GD
Global Large Cap Growth EquityMSCI World Large Cap Growth-GD
Global Large Cap Value EquityMSCI World Large Cap Value-GD
Global All Cap Value EquityMSCI World Value-GD
Global Enhanced EquityMSCI World-GD
Global Extended EquityMSCI World-GD
Global Small Cap Core EquityMSCI World Small Cap-GD

U.S. Equity

US Large Cap Growth EquityRussell 1000 Growth
US Large Cap Value EquityRussell 1000 Value
US Large Cap Core EquityS&P 500
US Small Cap Growth EquityRussell 2000 Growth
US Mid Cap Growth EquityRussell MidCap Growth
US All Cap Core EquityRussell 3000
US Small Cap Value EquityRussell 2000 Value
US Mid Cap Value EquityRussell MidCap Value
US Small Cap Core EquityRussell 2000
US Mid Cap Core EquityRussell MidCap

International Equity

ACWI ex-US All Cap Growth EqMSCI ACWI ex-US Growth-GD
EAFE Large Cap Core EquityMSCI EAFE Large Cap-GD
EAFE All Cap Core EquityMSCI EAFE-GD
EAFE All Cap Value EquityMSCI EAFE Value-GD
ACWI ex-US All Cap Core EquityMSCI ACWI ex-US-GD
EAFE Large Cap Value EquityMSCI EAFE Large Cap Value-GD
EAFE All Cap Growth EquityMSCI EAFE Growth-GD
ACWI ex-US Large Cap Growth EqMSCI ACWI ex-US Large Cap Growth-GD
EAFE Small Cap Core EquityMSCI EAFE Small Cap-GD
ACWI ex-US Large Cap Value EqMSCI ACWI ex-US Large Cap Value-GD

Emerging Markets Equity/Fixed Income

Global Emerging Mkts All Cap Core EquityMSCI EM-GD
Global Emerging Mkts All Cap Growth EquityMSCI EM Growth-GD
Global Emerging Mkts Large Cap Core EquityMSCI EM Large Cap-GD
Global Emerging Mkts All Cap Value EquityMSCI EM Value-GD
Global Emerging Mkts Large Cap Growth EquityMSCI EM Large Cap Growth-GD
Global Emerging Mkts Small Cap EquityMSCI EM Small Cap-GD
Global EM Fixed Income - Blended Currency50% JPM GBI-EM Global Div/50% JPM EMBI Global Div
Global EM Fixed Income - Corporate DebtJPM CEMBI Broad Diversified
Global EM Fixed Income - Hard CurrencyJPM EMBI Global Diversified
Global EM Fixed Income - Local CurrencyJPM GBI-EM Global Diversified

Methodology Note:
Data excludes products which were not classified into eVestment primary universes or did not fit the theme of analysis (e.g. passives, SMA/Wrap, cash management, sector-focused equity, etc.).

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