Europe’s focus on managed futures driving increased strategy interest
12 March 2020
eVestment tracks the regional and country-specific source of funds’ profiles being viewed on our platform. Below is a breakdown of the most viewed strategies by region and country of the viewer in January.

US and Europe were dominant viewers of hedge funds in January
Viewership of hedge funds on eVestment’s platform comes from investors & consultants around the world. In January, interest was heaviest from within the US, where long/short equity and credit strategies captured the most attention. Interest from Continental Europe and the UK was a close second in terms of total views directed toward hedge funds, and it is from there where the rise of interest in managed futures mentioned earlier has come.

Asia ex-Japan and Middle East were also active viewers with similar levels of interest
Macro and credit funds were of universal interest within these regions in January, though the focus from Asia ex-Japan was primarily toward event driven funds and coming out of Singapore and India.

Large macro funds were of particular interest in Japan in January.
While interest was spread among both credit and event driven strategies during the month, hedge fund views from Japan were directed primarily at the large macro managers during the month. There were several macro products capturing interest, but the greatest activity was clearly directed towards the largest managers in the space.

Investors in Canada focus attention on multi-strategy and event driven funds
While consultants were the dominant global viewers of hedge funds in January, investors in Canada were prominent viewers of multi-strategy and event driven products during the month.

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