eVestment forms consultant board to advise on investment industry trends

17 December 2020

eVestment, a global leader in institutional investment data and analytics, has launched a consultant advisory board comprising a broad range of investment consultant clients from both global and regional firms. Board members will provide strategic input to eVestment on the evolving data needs of consultants and will have regular opportunities to discuss and analyze dynamic trends in the institutional market.

Members of the inaugural Consultant Board include Marianne Feeley, Verus Investments; August Cruikshanks, Eckler; Elliott Greenberg, Ellwood Associates; Amy Jones, Callan; Nat Kellogg, Marquette; and Joe Ledgerwood, RVK; together with several other firms from across the globe.

“eVestment was founded by investment consultants and we remain deeply connected to the consultant community as a key data provider for evaluating managers, supporting both their advisory and discretionary capabilities,” said Chris Tinsley, the global head of eVestment’s consultant business. “Consulting business needs are now changing so rapidly – with the acceleration of ESG, diversity, OCIO and other trends – that it was time to create a formal structure for collaborating with this group.”

Board members will meet at least twice a year, in late Q1 and late Q3, to discuss emerging industry trends and assess how those trends may change dynamics in the institutional marketplace. The board will hold ad hoc meetings as needed.

“eVestment’s job is to power institutional investing through greater transparency,” explained Tinsley. “Formalizing the way in which we receive input from our consultant clients supports this objective and ultimately benefits every constituent in the marketplace – certainly investment consultants, but also institutionally-focused managers and large asset owners.”

Members of the eVestment board will also have the opportunity to share their firms’ thought leadership and expertise through eVestment events and global newsfeed, reaching thousands of investment professionals around the world through research, podcast interviews and informational webinars.

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