JP Morgan & Northern Trust among new OCIOs contributing to the Alpha Nasdaq OCIO Index
17 March 2021

Six new OCIOs began contributing to the AlphaNasdaq OCIO Index in the fourth quarter, further solidifying the index as the investment industry standard for providing transparency and benchmarking in the OCIO industry. The new firms contributing OCIO data to the index are JPMorgan, Northern Trust, Edgehill, Wespath, Silvercrest and MEMCO.

The AlphaNasdaq OCIO indices, launched in early 2020, are based on anonymized account-level return streams, asset allocation and metadata reported directly by OCIO firms. The AlphaNasdaq OCIO indices use this anonymously reported data to construct a family of indices that represent the broad OCIO market along with variations of the OCIO market to more appropriately reflect the nuances across sub-categories, such as plan type and risk profile. The indices capture returns and asset allocation from more than 900+ institutions representing hundreds of billions in assets.

“We’ve witnessed a rapidly growing market without consistent standards by which participants are measured,” said Jed Laskowitz, Global Head of JP Morgan Asset Management Solutions. “Alpha Capital’s indices are an independent data source that provide additional transparency on OCIO performance and help us validate our own competitive positioning.”

Alpha Capital Management founder Brad Alford noted a couple of interesting points in the 4Q data:

  • The Broad Index performed well at +13.24%
  • While the Pension Fund Index has a strong year at +14.75%, surprisingly the Endowment & Foundation Index struggled to keep up at +12.60%

“Since our launch last year, we’ve seen four to five new OCIOs providing data each quarter, making the indices more and more reliable and relevant,” said Alford. “The pace at which the industry has embraced the indices has exceeded our expectation and speaks to the hunger for this information.”

Outsourced Chief Investment Officers (OCIO) are third-party service providers that serve as chief investment officers for institutional investors. They assume the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of a Chief Investment officer but provide the services externally.

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