OCIO Indices: What OCIOs need to know

13 August 2020

(32 min podcast) In this episode of The Source, eVestment’s podcast covering trends and insights in institutional investing, we sat down with Ron Klotter and Brad Alford to talk about the new OCIO indices created through a partnership with eVestment’s parent company, Nasdaq, and a business founded by Brad, Alpha Capital Management. The Alpha-Nasdaq OCIO indices are aimed at creating transparency for the OCIO industry and are designed to give investors and OCIO firms the ability to objectively measure performance against peers.

Brad and Ron shared their insights on how OCIOs should be using these indices to differentiate themselves, as well as trends they are seeing now that could lead to increased opportunities in growth for OCIOs.

On the Source Podcast, we have discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the institutional space – both in the short and long term – with experts across the industry. Recent reporting by Pensions & Investments affirmed the idea of OCIO growth in light of the pandemic, quoting Andrew McCollum, managing director of investment management at investment industry researcher Greenwich Associates, saying, “I believe there will be a big shift to OCIO in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Ron and Brad’s extensive experience working for and with OCIO managers gives them a unique perspective to share where they see such growth opportunities outside of traditional channels like pensions and endowments.

Listen to “Part 2: What Institutional Investors Need to Know” and “Part 3: How Emerging Managers Can Position Their Strategies for OCIO Platforms”

About our speakers:

Ron Klotter has more than 35 years of experience working in the investment management industry, including working as a senior investment consultant, head of equity product management at Wellington Management Company, and most recently, managing director at Strategic Investment Group, a large OCIO firm.

Brad Alford founded Alpha Capital Management in July of 2006 and currently serves as principal at Alpha Capital. He has 30 years of investment management experience and directs the firm’s OCIO and consultant search service, which designs and runs investment consultant and OCIO searches for institutions.

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