In 2 charts: 2019 public plan commitments revealed
Market Lens documents show last year 267 private equity GPs captured 45% of public plan commitments, raising $64 billion in capital from 109 plans. In contrast, 65 traditional equity managers captured just 5.5% of public plan commitments, but raised $41 billion in the process.
Why some investors are seeing better returns without coal
While divestment from fossil fuels entirely remains rare, eVestment Market Lens documents show that some investors see better returns without coal.
The most over- and underweight positions among institutional EM equity managers
EM equities have rebounded modestly YTD through Q3 2019 after a substantial drawdown in the prior year with the MSCI EM up +6.23% through Sep 30. There has been significant dispersion in EM equity returns YTD with Europe outperforming Asia and Latin America, large caps outperforming mid and small caps, and growth outperforming value.
How far along are public plans’ private equity programs?
Public plans have increasingly been looking to private markets in recent years as a means of earning higher returns. We reviewed asset allocation documents from 180 U.S. public plans and 57 U.K. public plans through Q3 2019 and found that U.S. plans were almost fully allocated to private alternatives whereas U.K. plans had room to enter into further commitments.
In 2 charts: Investor and consultant interest in China Equity Strategies
Since MSCI started including China A-Shares in its EM Index, institutional investors and consultants using the eVestment platform have been increasingly reviewing strategies focused on China and Hong Kong.
Top 5 strategies investors & consultants care about most by region: Q4 2019
We rank eVestment’s 300+ primary universes using net flows, AUM, profile views and screening data to determine which universes consultants and institutional investors in different parts of the world cared about most heading into Q4 2019.
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