The Source Podcast: Interview with Kip McDaniel of Institutional Investor
22 July 2020

In this episode of The Source Podcast (25 mins), we’re joined by Kip McDaniel, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Content Officer at Institutional Investor. In a recent edition of his newsletter, Kip highlighted how consultants, investors and managers rely heavily on eVestment tools for data and trends. We reached out to Kip to discuss his article, as well as today’s institutional trends and the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on the industry.

In this conversation, we touch on:

  • Asset flow trends and where money is moving across the institutional landscape
  • Search activity of consultants and investors and how that is indicative of future investment behavior
  • eVestment Omni, our solution that helps asset managers build brand awareness through comprehensive database strategies and then quantifies the impact of those efforts

Referenced in this podcast: “Inside Asset Management Sales’ Most Intractable Problem”

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