2017 Private Markets Investor & Consultant Due Diligence Report

Explore the key factors driving investor and consultants’ private markets allocation and manager selection decisions.

eVestment’s survey draws on a cross-section of the institutional investor and consultant market to explore their private markets allocation plans and manager due diligence practices in 2017.

Overall, our findings shed light on the increasingly sophisticated nature of those allocating to and advising on private markets investments, as well as the strategies most attractive in current market conditions.

Key findings:

  • Participants reported total institutional assets under management of USD 2.2 trillion and private markets assets under management of over USD 316 billion.
  • “Team,” “track record” and “strategy” were the top three most important factors to respondents when evaluating a manager. “Fees” and “ESG” were of less importance.
  • The level of trust of managers’ high-level performance numbers increased slightly compared to 2016 results, but the majority of respondents will still always or often recalculate manager-provided performance themselves.
  • Respondents are increasingly sophisticated in their approach to due diligence and Public Market Equivalent (PME) analysis specifically.

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