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Web-based research and performance analytics platform for investors in private markets funds.

Sophisticated quantitative due diligence tools. Unrivaled market and peer insights.

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Enhance Decision Making

  • Screen and search for managers that fit your investment criteria using a comprehensive database of more than 3,000 firms.
  • Gain insight into how other investors’ and consultants’ views of the market are shaping allocation, commitment planning and investment decisions.
  • Analyze manager performance at the track record, fund and deal level with sophisticated analytics to better understand true drivers of value – employ valuation bridges, public market equivalent analysis, unrealized portfolio modeling and much more into your analysis.
  • View actual reviews of managers by other investors and consultants to gain insight into best practice due diligence and pick up on strengths and weaknesses perceived by the market.

Free up valuable resources

  • Search for private markets managers that meet your criteria, research related news and documents and request and analyze track record information all from one single platform.
  • Slice and dice track records in real-time and easily configure analysis to your needs to make track record analysis more efficient than ever before. No more cumbersome spreadsheet models required.
  • Export full dashboards of performance or handpick graphs and charts to quickly pull together investment memos and recommendations, all while leveraging advanced analytics and data visualization.
  • Save valuable time during your quantitative due diligence and focus resources on other important parts of the manager selection process.

Mitigate Risk in Your Investment Process

  • Store your performance data in a central repository, ensure all team members are working from the same accurate source of information and remove knowledge gaps.
  • Ensure you’re evaluating managers on a truly like-for-like basis by comparing track records calculated using standardized and consistent methodologies.
  • Remove the need for manual calculation and manipulation of data and the possibility for human error to mitigate risk in your investment process.
  • Adopt a standardized and repeatable process for quantitative due diligence and no longer rely on legacy or outdated spreadsheet models.

Trusted by leading private markets investors globally

“eVestment Private Markets provides a formulaic way to carry out track record analysis and we can also be sure manager performance comparisons are all on an apples-to-apples basis. There’s a great range of analysis provided which is also customizable. This has been really useful in evaluating managers and even utilizing in our memos.”

– Investment Associate, Caltech Investment Office

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