Powerful. Comprehensive. Accessible.

eVestment offers compelling analysis and intelligence powered by the most comprehensive database in the industry — across all asset classes.

Global Database

With over 41,000 total traditional long-only vehicles and over 27,000 total alternative strategies, along with over 2,800 searchable data points, the breadth and depth of coverage is unmatched. The eVestment database has grown by 337% since 2009. eVestment has been named the “Most Influential Database” by FundFire and was ranked as the No. 1 “Must Be In” consultant/third party database in the iiSearches 2014 Consultant Relations Survey. Find out why 74% of the Top 50 Global Consulting firms as ranked by by Pensions & Investments in 2015 rely on eVestment.

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See why 74% of the top 50 global investment consultants rely on proven web-based Analytics. Leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive database, Analytic’s best-in-class tools enable in-depth research and due diligence, side-by-side comparisons, flexible screening and client-ready reporting.

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Innovative solutions that reduce the burden of consultant and third-party database updates. Omni enables quick and accurate updates to the industry’s most widely utilized and time consuming databases. Let Omni transform your manual data entry tasks into a reliable, seamless and systematic process.

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Advantage provides a view into how financial consultants and plan sponsors use the eVestment global database to conduct manager screens and award mandates. Products are reviewed millions of times in the eVestment Global Database each year. eVestment aggregates the data on which products, universes and factors consultants and plan sponsors are reviewing and using for screens.

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Asset Flows

Quantify demand among institutional investors. Deploy sales and marketing resources efficiently. Evaluate competitors and understand your relative position. From product development and competitive intelligence to sales and marketing, Asset Flows can make an immediate and profound impact on your business. After all, timing is everything.

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Holdings Analysis

eVestment Holding Analysis provides a view into how asset managers are actively allocating capital across equity securities, sectors, industries and geographies. Leveraging 100% institutional holdings data, our peer analysis shows exactly how a manager’s portfolio differs from the average portfolio of active institutional managers in the respective eVestment universe.

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RiskPlus, powered by BISAM Cognity, is an innovative returns-based portfolio risk management solution designed solely for allocators who need to analyze risk in even the most opaque asset classes. RiskPlus allows allocators to customize their risk analysis using tailor-made factor models, risk budgeting and user-defined stress tests to create a comprehensive, easy-to-interpret report that breaks down your portfolio’s risk and return components. With RiskPlus, investors receive an affordable and user-friendly way to conduct in-depth risk assessment of their portfolios in normal and non-normal markets.

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Success is determined by much more than performance numbers. Powered by the combined intelligence of eVestment solutions, Scorecard provides a visualization of factors indicative of product strength. Use the eVestment Scorecard model to rate products on several key attributes that are predictive of asset flows based on specific universes. Or, custom-weight categories and metrics to create your own scorecards.

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TopQ makes the creation, analysis, and distribution of private equity performance data more efficient and effective for fund managers and institutional investors. By using TopQ, fund managers can save significant amounts of time creating their track record and also simplify the sharing of performance data to enhance their investor relations. Investors can improve their returns by quickly and easily gaining deeper insight into performance for more informed investment decisions.

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