Approximately 60 million unique data elements are searched on in the eVestment global database yearly — how do your products stack up? Advantage gives you a unique view into usage information to see how institutional investors are screening potential assets.

How do you know if your marketing efforts are effective? Are you being searched more
or less than competitors? Are your competitors who you think they are? How successful
are your sales resources and are they deployed in the right places geographically?

eVestment Advantage answers these questions with the first ever view into the activity
within the eVestment database — the number one “Must Be In” investment database as
ranked by Money Management Letter and iiSEARCHES. Advantage shows you what data
elements are being searched, where investors are clicking, what criteria they are using
and more. By walking a mile in the decision-makers’ shoes, you can quickly see how to adjust your strategies to increase the frequency of evaluation and win rates across your portfolio of

Measure Marketing Efforts

Measuring whether marketing campaigns are reaching the intended audience as well as whether the campaign is making an impact on the intended audience is often challenging. Advantage helps managers to understand whether marketing efforts are resulting in additional traction with investment consultants and institutional investors. Advantage also helps managers with understanding additional characteristics of database searches for your products.

Better Understand Competitors

Managers often have a short list of competitors that are regularly seen at finals presentations — but this may not paint the entire competitive picture. With the “Perceived Peer Groups” feature, Advantage highlights competitive products that are most often compared to an individual strategy, letting managers better understand who investment consultants and institutional investors perceive as competitors.

Prioritize Database Updates

The quarter-end brings the normal crush of activity including database updates. Advantage helps managers better understand which data elements are being screened the most for their specific product. This information can be used to prioritize which elements should be updated first to be included in as many searches as possible.

Better Predict Institutional Flows

The volume of search activity within universes is highly correlated to future asset flows. You can see click trends foreshadowing asset flows as much as 1-3 quarters in advance. And with our newest Flows Forecasting* module, you can be better prepared for impending trends. Use the dashboard to highlight the biggest gains and losses predicted at the universe level.

Analyze Daily Behavior Information

With eVestment Advantage, access to daily investor-behavior information on your products and your competitor’s products is now possible. With unique tracking capabilities, Advantage provides managers, marketing departments and investor relations teams with the latest, up-to-date data on what consultants and investors are clicking on and how they are using the eVestment global database.

View Data with Interactive Charts

Interactive charting allows you to make changes to data and the way it is displayed — instantly. Hover over data points to view values, toggle legend items on and off, click and drag to zoom in on specific time periods and more — with the ability to export to PDF for easy sharing.

*Available to clients who subscribe to both Advantage and Asset Flows solutions

"Advantage has allowed our business planning for the coming year to be very productive, especially our win-loss analysis. We also plan to use it going forward to build out much more focused prospect lists."

Head of Global Institutional Management
Large Institutional Asset Manager and Retirement Plan Provider

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