The intelligence you need to anticipate future trends

eVestment Advantage offers a unique view into the research activity within the eVestment Global Database – named “Most Influential Database” by FundFire and ranked the #1 “Must Be In” database by iiSEARCHES. Advantage shows you which specific data elements are being researched and what criteria is being used to compare managers. Asset managers can view how many screens they are passing or failing – and whether fails are due to missing data or not meeting criteria. This intelligence allows asset managers to better assess their competitive position, and gives investors and consultants the information they need to better anticipate future trends.


“Advantage has allowed our business planning to be very productive, especially our win-loss analysis. We also plan to use it going forward to build out much more focused prospect lists.”

– Head of Global Institutional Management, Large Institutional Asset Manager and Retirement Plan Provider

Profile Views

Understand Product Views

Gain insight into how products are being viewed by institutional investors and consultants on the eVestment platform over time, and where those views are coming from.

Global Opportunities

Highlight Growth Opportunities

Gauge international marketing efforts and determine if resources are deployed in the correct places. High interest from specific geographies may signify an opportunity for growth.

Perceived Peer Group

View Perceived Peer Group

See the top 10 products managers are most often charted with. Managers can learn who investors see as the competition. Investors can see which products their peers are comparing.

Screening Analysis

Reduce Exclusion from Screens

Evaluate if you are falling out of screens because of missing data. See exactly which data elements are being searched on for a product, competitive products and across the entire database.

Consultant Reviews

Anticipate Future Trends

Pinpoint managers in your portfolio who are getting attention. Knowing which managers are getting looked at by other investors could give you an indication of future inflows or outflows.

Flows Forecasting

Better Forecast Flows

Use investor and consultant activity coupled with flows information* to calculate predictive changes several quarters in advance. See where gains and losses are anticipated by universe.

*Available to clients subscribing to both Advantage and Asset Flows solutions.

Learn How Advantage Can Help You With Forecasting

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