Quantum Analytics

Quantum Analytics SM

A powerful web-based platform for heavy performance analytics and asset allocation including Efficient Frontier and liquidity simulation analysis.

eVestment Quantum Analytics is a dynamic, web-based solution comprised of a complete set of tools built for heavy performance analysis, screening, research, fund positioning and portfolio construction. With Quantum, you can incorporate the depth and breadth of the eVestment traditional and/or alternatives datasets – over 2,800 searchable data points – as well as third-party and custom data. Included are features such as portfolio construction, modeling and monitoring, optimization using the Markowitz Efficient Frontier allocation model, liquidity analysis and returns-based style analysis. Quantum is also complete with interactive capabilities like drag-and-drop charting, interactive profiles and personalized dashboards. 

Access Comprehensive Data

  • Access the eVestment global dataset which is comprised of over 62,000+ total traditional vehicles and alternative strategies
  • Integrate third-party datasets and allows for user-entered proprietary fund information
  • Improve efficiency and communication across your organization by using consistent data

Screen and Target Managers

  • Filter a large database in just a few clicks with our advanced search module
  • Narrow down products as you type with the ability to specify other characteristics like asset class, investment focus, strategy and geographic focus
  • Adjust sliders to select ranges of desired returns, standard deviations, skewness, kurtosis and more

Perform Fund Analysis with Interactive Profiles and Charts

  • Use the interactive profile to compare a fund’s performance by dragging and dropping benchmarks and funds into 50+ charts, as well as by viewing risk analysis, correlations and historical performance tables
  • Get a visual snapshot of your fund against benchmarks using the R, R-Squared, Alpha, Beta and other correlation calculations
  • Dynamically zoom across different economic time periods to view a fund’s performance calculated on-the-fly great for live client meetings
  • Export and save charts to a .png, .jpeg, PDF or SVG vector image for use in marketing pitch books or internal committee meetings

Improve Workflow Efficiency with a Unique Dashboard

  • Create a personalized dashboard including interactive charts, tables and peer analysis for analyzing single or multiple funds
  • Customize interactive dashboards for internal analysis, executive review and even showcase products during live investor meetings
  • Save at the firm or private level for better control and process within your firm

Conduct Advanced Fund and Peer Group Analysis

  • Use returns-based style analysis to track strategies over time, ensuring adherence to style guidelines
  • Determine if active return was a result of allocation, selection, style or timing using our optional holdings-based attribution module broken down across regions, sectors, countries and industries
  • Use an existing eVestment universe or create a peer group based on filters using our advanced search functionality
  • Simply drag and drop a peer group into an interactive fund profile to see how it compares
  • Analyze the group in any of our dynamic charts

Portfolio Construction, Analysis and Optimization

  • Build, optimize and evaluate pro forma or active portfolios
  • Save allocated portfolios and create composites that reflect historical allocation changes with options for rebalancing and backfilling
  • Assess current or proposed allocations relative to the Efficient Frontier and analyze your portfolio diversification with the correlation matrix heat map

Liquidity Profile Wizard

  • Take advantage of our easy-to-use liquidity simulation tool to view upcoming redemption possibilities and fees associated with those redemptions
  • Enter fund terms such as lock ups, redemption and notice periods, and fees to get an overview of your portfolio’s liquidity
  • Analyze when your funds will be available on a percent or currency basis
  • Export your liquidity simulation analysis to PDF for convenient reporting

Build Professional Reporting

  • Create made-to-order, client-ready tear sheets and reports by dragging and dropping tables, charts and narrative text blocks into one of many layout options
  • Choose from our library of existing templates with the ability to customize reports by adding your firm’s logo and colors
  • Refresh Excel-based reports with the click of a button without having to log in to eVestment
  • Export fund and portfolio reports to PDF
  • Implement a predictable and repeatable process to create internal or investor-facing material

"There is so much information available and so many ways to analyze the data. I rely on eVestment for my reporting needs and have often used the various calculations to demonstrate opportunities in the market for my clients."

John Schaffer
Catallyst Advisors

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