eVestment Spectrum Analytics SM

Robust, cloud-based analytics with access to rich data across asset classes.

eVestment Spectrum Analytics is a robust, cloud-based solution with data across traditional and alternative asset classes for institutional investment screening, monitoring and peer comparison with advanced query capabilities to search on over 2,800 traditional and alternative fields. Use additional functionality to construct portfolios, allocate assets, and create charting and reporting using an interactive publishing feature to build custom fact sheets. Plus you have the option to add on features such as returns-based style analysis, automated reporting with batching and scheduling capabilities, as well as holdings-based attribution.

Spectrum also features new dynamic capabilities for exploratory research with customizable dashboards, dynamic search capabilities and interactive charting that lets you quickly alter time frames and drag and drop strategies, indexes or universes in and out of your analysis.

For Asset Managers

  • Fully Access the eVestment Global Database. Analyze over 68,000 total traditional vehicles and alternative strategies. Add third-party datasets and enter proprietary fund information for further analysis.
  • Conduct Peer Analysis. Gain a complete view of the competitive landscape with over 75 calculations for advanced statistical analysis. Analyze how you stack up using side-by-side manager comparison, view how your strategies rank, see the fees of peers to assess fund positioning and more. 
  • Build Professional Reporting. Customize client-ready tear sheets and reports by dragging and dropping tables, charts and text blocks in Design Lab.

For Institutional Investors and Consultants 

  • Screen and Target Managers. Quickly screen, track, request detail — all from one interface. Drill down to find managers and strategies from across more than 2,300 unique traditional data fields and over 500 unique alternative data fields.
  • Ongoing Due Diligence and Monitoring. Use the interactive profile to compare a fund’s performance by dragging and dropping benchmarks and funds into 50+ charts, as well as by viewing risk analysis, correlations and historical performance tables.
  • Construct Portfolios. Create active or pro forma portfolios for use in your analysis. Create composites that reflect historical allocation changes with options for rebalancing and backfilling.

"There is so much information available and so many ways to analyze the data. I rely on eVestment for my reporting needs and have often used the various calculations to demonstrate opportunities in the market for my clients."

John Schaffer
Catallyst Advisors

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