eVestment Spotlight Analytics SM

Differentiate your offerings. Earn investor trust. Target new managers. All with cutting-edge analytics technology.

Bundled with eVestment data, Spotlight includes the capability to integrate third-party data and custom data sources. Perform in-depth screens, slice and dice a strategy as well as conduct peer analysis. And with dynamic charting, which allows for instantaneous updates based on interactions like dragging and dropping benchmarks or clicking and dragging to zoom in on specific date ranges, Spotlight delivers innovative industry intelligence.

For Asset Managers

  • Conduct Peer Analysis. Access the eVestment global dataset which comprises over 68,000+ total traditional vehicles and alternative strategies. Evaluate how you stack up compared with your peers through existing eVestment universes or through a custom peer universe.
  • Track Your FundsCreate a personalized dashboard including interactive charts, tables and peer analysis for analyzing single or multiple funds. Enter your own custom data to measure the performance of your strategies.
  • Build Professional Reporting. Customize client-ready tear sheets and reports by dragging and dropping tables, charts and narrative text blocks in Design Lab.

For Institutional Investors and Consultants

  • Screen and Target Managers. Narrow a large database of 9,800+ managers down to a workable list. Filter products as you type with the ability to specify other characteristics like asset class, investment focus, strategy and geographic focus. Further refine by using unique sliders to select ranges of desired returns, standard deviations, skewness, kurtosis and more.
  • Perform Ongoing Due Diligence and Monitoring. Compare a fund’s performance by dragging and dropping benchmarks and funds into 50+ charts, as well as by viewing risk analysis, correlations and historical performance tables.

"There is so much information available and so many ways to analyze the data. I rely on eVestment for my reporting needs and have often used the various calculations to demonstrate opportunities in the market for my clients."

John Schaffer
Catallyst Advisors

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