Asset Flows

Asset Flows

Assess the flows of global assets to gauge trends, quantify demand and deploy resources efficiently

Asset flows identify the business trends of our industry, which is an effective proxy for the behavior of institutional investors. Beginning with the global investment industry’s first third-party institutional investment database, eVestment has created a unique, multi-step methodology to calculate and track asset flows. As a result, our clients are not only using asset flows to better understand institutional investors but also to improve decision making capabilities across many parts of the organization.

Product Development & Global Expansion

Product Development teams are better able to de-risk large investment considerations by more accurately gauging demand for their strategy, having better insight into how long it will likely take to attract assets, what plans have shown interest, and making costly international sales and marketing decisions based on solid geographical buying patterns.

Product Management & Client Service

Product Management and Client Service teams are optimizing investment decisions by having more precise insight into which products to focus efforts on, knowing whether to adopt an offensive or defensive strategy, setting expectations for client retention based on volatility, and optimizing management fees.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing executives are driving more revenue by making informed resource allocation decisions based on which plan types are buyers of their products — with the ability to compare pipeline to market share analysis. And with an advanced Flows Forecasting* module, sales and marketing can better predict the future of asset flows — creating the ability to make proactive decisions based on actual investor and consultant behavior. Teams can also measure performance against peers based on combinations of net flows and track asset retention rates relative to competitors, as well as understand contributing factors to team member’s performance.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence teams are positively impacting the direction of the firm as they better align corporate strategy by confidently factoring data specific to institutional flows, answering the questions “are we winning?”, “are we winning big enough?” and “do we possess the skills to meet current market needs?”

Non-Investment Management

Firms are earning better returns by using flow data as an indicator of impact to earnings of key variables, such as knowing if a manager is winning or losing business, predicting capacity concerns, and assessing the impact of the behavior of the institutional community as a whole on their investment targets.

*Available to clients who subscribe to both Advantage and Asset Flows solutions.

“We like to keep our finger on the pulse of the market. So if we know when a specific asset class has experienced net inflows or outflows, that is important data for us to be aware of as we look to manage our products and develop new products. When we were introduced to Asset Flows, it immediately solved a need.” 

Nicholas Walstrom
Director of Product Management and Analysis
RBC Global Asset Management

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