Asset Flows

Understand flows of global assets to better gauge trends

As an institutional consultant, investor or asset manager, you need to understand where global money is moving in order to make more informed decisions. Integrated directly into eVestment Analytics, Asset Flows is an interactive look into the size, health, and direction of the global market. Asset Flows incorporates Institutional AUM as well as Total AUM to allow you to get a full picture of the movement of money.


“We like to keep our finger on the pulse of the market. So if we know when a specific asset class has experienced net inflows or outflows, that is important data for us to be aware of as we look to manage our products and develop new products.”

– Director of Product Management and Analysis, RBC Global Asset Management

Asset Flows Trends

Track Industry Flow Trends

Get a full picture of the movement of money across the market. View which universes and asset classes are experiencing the largest inflows and outflows, by total and institutional AUM.

Asset Flows - Universe Flows

Gauge Demand for Products

View the products and universes gaining inflows or losing assets from investors. Be better prepared for impending trends by incorporating consultant and investor screening activity data.*

Asset Flows Global Domiciles

Identify Target Geographies

See where the investors that are interested in your universe are located and which strategies are in demand based on investor domicile and client type.

Asset Flows Universe Outflows

Quantify Market Share

Learn who competitors are and how they are perceived in the market. Find opportunities where competitors may be losing share and put yourself in a position to potentially gain assets.

Asset Flows - Volatility

Assess Universe Health

Investigate the volatility of a universe. View the impact of both manager replacement and outflows on the total quantity of assets available – even in universes experiencing net outflows.

Asset Flows Tree Map

360-Degree View of Flows

View flows by geography, by asset class, by investor type, etc. Use the interactive tree map to visualize flows and drill down from a universe level to the individual strategy.

*Available to clients subscribing to both Advantage and Asset Flows solutions.

Learn How You Can Track Global Flow Trends

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