Deconstruct returns based on holdings — understand the drivers behind performance. 

As a consultant or investor, the truth behind a manager’s success and failure is often unknown.  Breaking down the components of active return is key to better understanding a manager’s performance, evaluating investment decisions and determining the right questions to ask. For managers interpreting the impact of investment choices adds value to clients who demand transparency in reporting. Armed with better information, this data also helps differentiate a manager’s marketing message from the thousands of other firms and products in the market.

eVestment Attribution is an equity holdings-based attribution system that helps investment consultants and institutional investors determine whether active return was a result of allocation, selection or style. With built-in Analytics integration, allocators can leverage attribution when performing manager research and competitive analysis. At the same time, managers, marketing and investor relations teams can deconstruct investment decisions and highlight the choices that support their investment philosophy. 

Leverage 100% Global Institutional Holdings Data

  • With eVestment Attribution, there is no need to import holdings data. Our database is fed directly by managers who update holdings, performance and other data on a regular basis.
  • Equity holdings coverage includes both U.S. and Global portfolios, allowing users to analyze thousands of institutional equity strategies by simply opening a profile.
  • Permission-based security settings are in effect by user type to grant consultants and investors the ability evaluate the holdings of all managers, while asset managers are allowed to view their individual holdings data alone.

Peer Analysis 

  • The integration of eVestment Peer Alpha universes into Attribution provides users with an intuitive, peer relative baseline against which to compare a manager.
  • Rather than measuring allocation and selection decisions against a passive benchmark with semi-annual or annual reconstitution, eVestment Peer Alpha universes are comprised of actively managed strategies.
  • Attribution analysis can be performed using a benchmark of active managers, allowing users to determine which managers allocate effectively and show superior stock selection ability relative to their peers.
  • This powerful tool gives managers the ability to differentiate themselves from the many competitors against which their performance is ranked. 

Custom Benchmarks 

  • eVestment Attribution provides users with more than 500 benchmarks supporting U.S. and Global portfolio analysis.
  • Users can also load their own benchmark-holdings data into the system as custom benchmarks.
  • The “Use Product” function enables analysis with user-entered benchmarks, allowing users to truly customize the benchmark used for attribution. 

Proprietary Calculations

  • eVestment Attribution uses proprietary Effective Rate of Return and Activity calculations.
  •  Effective Return measures the combined impact of return and allocation on the overall portfolio cumulative performance. It overcomes inconsistencies often found in other solutions by capturing the effects of changing allocations to an asset, stock, style, sector or region.
  • Activity tracks the difference between manager-reported returns and buy-and-hold returns. This captures the effects of intra-quarter allocations changes.