Unlock key insights and intelligence from your perspective

Access to big data can lead to powerful insights, but the large volume can be challenging to navigate through and focus only on the information that you need. eVestment Dashboards aim to cut through the noise and display the actionable insights most relevant to you. Data is aggregated from across the eVestment platform and displayed in an easy-to-understand format. Answer questions as they come up – no need to wait for the result of analysis from another team.

  • Access the intelligence you need – when you need it.
  • Get instant insight into significant changes in your competitive landscape.
  • Quantify interest in your product by looking at investor and consultant activity within the last 30 days.
  • Find opportunities for reaching out to investors and consultants with managers who may be struggling.
  • Choose any competitor products to conduct an in-depth comparison with yours.
  • View and receive information in the format which makes sense for you – via email notifications, through our mobile app, our eVestment for Salesforce app, or by logging into the eVestment platform.

“I am impressed by the way eVestment handles data and provides it to us in an intelligent and intuitive format that is useful.”

– Consultant Relations Supervisor, Global Asset Management Firm

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