Data Feeds

An easy-to-implement solution for your data needs

Whether you need raw data for your portfolio management efforts or a data stream that feeds your in-house analytics software, eVestment’s Data Feed service provides a data solution for your internal operations.

Global and alternative datasets available

Choose the entire eVestment Global dataset or a regional segment including the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, Asia-Pacific ex. Japan/ Australia. If you need access to alternative and hedge fund data, choose our eVestment Alternatives dataset.

Data service levels

eVestment is pleased to offer three types of Data Feeds to our clients: Standard, Calculated and Custom.

  • Standard Data Feed
    Includes the most commonly utilized data elements used to drive our Analytics product suite. Standard Data Feeds may be licensed to include the traditional and/ or alternatives vehicle datasets.
  • Calculated Data Feed
    Includes all content from the Standard Data Feed subscription, plus up to 10 additional universe calculations that may be needed to fulfill additional client-specific requirements. These calculations are available in up to 10 separate time spans, including fixed and rolling time period scopes. Calculated Data Feeds may also be licensed to include the traditional and/or alternatives vehicle data sets.
  • Custom Data Feed
    This option includes content that is specifically tailored to the needs of our individual clients, including a variety of complex calculations that are often more easily provided in the upstream bulk data delivery than in the downstream client processing environment.

File delivery

Standard and Calculated Data Feeds are delivered via the eVestment secure FTP site in delimited flat text file format. Custom Data Feeds subscriptions may also be delivered in a variety of other formats to simplify import processing, based on the specific needs of each client. This includes the option to connect to a secure online database endpoint.

“The amount of data available is good because I’m looking at multiple sources of investment performance. Because of the ease and speed in which I can access the information, it allows me to be more real time.”

– CIO, Freed-Hardeman University Endowment

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