Data Quality

How eVestment collects, maintains and ensures the quality of our data

eVestment is dedicated to maintaining the data that has proven to be a distinct differentiator for clients of all types. From the beginning we have sought to capture the data points consultants and investors find most useful in their screening and analysis, as well as those which give asset managers the most complete view of their competitive landscape.


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“eVestment upholds the industry standard and helps strengthen our relationships with consultants. It’s a great platform and a very good source of information for our clients, which we have the ability to maintain. Consultants are using eVestment as a source of information, so we want to be where they are looking.”

-Marketing/Investor Communications Associate, Global Hedge Fund of Funds

Comprehensive questionnaire

The manager questionnaire was developed in conjunction with leading consultants to ensure relevance well beyond performance. The resulting dataset includes over 2,800 searchable qualitative and quantitative data points.

Data management team

eVestment employs an in-house worldwide team of data collection experts who actively pursue new managers and maintain data points for existing managers. The team’s sole focus is the collection and quality assurance of all data gathered from institutional asset managers.

Collection process

A series of standard email campaigns are regularly scheduled and implemented in the weeks following quarter end for traditional managers and month end for alternative managers, with ad hoc campaigns conducted as needed to gather any missing data points. Managers may also receive a direct, personal email communication requesting their data be updated within a specific time frame, in addition to a phone call if necessary. These quarterly and monthly “scrubs” of the data are explicitly tracked with progress documented daily.

Quality control

eVestment also employs several quality control procedures to ensure accurate and representative data. These methods include a four-level process with techniques such as implementing real-time data checks, recording data entry for manager audit trails, running data scripts to flag suspect data, reviewing universes quarterly and collecting direct feedback from consultant and investor user types.

Population requirements

eVestment requires its managers to – at a minimum – populate performance level information for products since inception in order to be included in our global database. On average, our database reaches 80 percent population for traditional data by the eighth or ninth business day after quarter-end and by the 20th-22nd business day after month-end for hedge funds. The eVestment database continues to grow by thousands of products each year.

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