eVestment Regional Datasets

Our traditional data includes separate accounts, commingled trust funds, institutional mutual funds and ETFs. Datasets are now available for the following regions of investment and include access to separate accounts, exchange traded funds, individual holdings and more: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe (excluding the UK), Australia, Japan and Asia Pacific (excluding Japan).

eVestment Alternative Datasets

Leverage the eVestment alternatives and hedge fund dataset to power your non-traditional investment analysis. The eVestment alternatives dataset contains hedge funds, fund of funds, commodity, absolute return, market neutral and long-short vehicles.

The eVestment hedge fund database can be populated by hedge funds for access by all eVestment users or for access by only designated consulting and investor users through a private portal. Hedge funds retain complete control over how their data is shared. Plus, our master-feeder share-class architecture in our alternatives dataset allows for a streamlined data input process with minimized duplicate entries, while accurately reflecting a fund’s structure during searches.

Third-Party and Partner Datasets

eVestment offers the ability to integrate several third-party and partner datasets. This expanded data coverage provides a way to model together all of the different vehicle options available using one platform — eVestment Analytics.

Traditional Datasets

  • Lipper: By leveraging Lipper’s extensive retail mutual fund database, our clients can analyze more than 26,000 US mutual funds. Data points include current and historical performance and AUM data, as well as over 100 qualitative data points.
  • Morningstar: Open-ended mutual fund data is available globally or by region including the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan and Australia. With over 200,000+ products available, you can be confident your analysis includes the full spectrum of data. Read More

Alternative Datasets

  • Hedge Fund Research, Inc. (HFR): HFR is a global leader in the alternative investment industry. Established in 1992, HFR specializes in the areas of indexation and analysis of hedge funds. HFR Database includes fund-level detail on historical performance and assets, as well as firm characteristics on both the broadest and most influential hedge fund managers. HFR offers performance and qualitative data on over 7,000 hedge funds.
  • Barclay Hedge: Barclay offers a growing hedge fund/fund of funds/CTA databases. On a monthly basis, they strive to provide subscribers with the previous month’s performance for at least 90% of the funds that they follow. Includes performance and qualitative data on over 6,000 hedge funds and CTAs.
  • Eurekahedge: Eurekahedge includes almost 25,000 live hedge funds from North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America and emerging markets. Of these, over 1000 funds, managed by 300+ distinct advisory companies, have assets greater than US$1B. This global dataset covers the full breadth of hedge fund strategies, from Long-Short Equities, Fixed Income and CTA/Managed Futures to Multi-Strategy, Event Drive and Arbitrage.

“Accessing information quickly was a challenge historically. In terms of what we are searching there isn’t a big difference, but now it’s easier to find information, and the update frequency is faster with eVestment. It is about twice as fast to complete similar tasks compared to our previous system.”

– Senior Portfolio Manager, PFA Pension

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