eVestment Global Database

eVestment Global Database

The #1 “Must Be In” Database.

With over 32,000 traditional long-only vehicles and over 23,000 alternative strategies, along with over 2,800 searchable data points, the breadth and depth of coverage is unmatched. The eVestment database has grown by 279% since 2009 and has been named the “Most Influential Database” by FundFire and is ranked first in the top 10 list of “Must Be In” databases by Money Management Letter and iiSEARCHES. Find out why 78% of the top 50 consultants as ranked by P&I in 2013 rely on eVestment.

  • eVestment Datasets – Learn more about our traditional and alternative datasets comprised of over 55,000 vehicles.
  • Data Collection Process – We employ a full time staff of data collection experts. Find out more about the process.
  • Third-Party Datasets –eVestment works with many third-party providers to ensure your analysis includes access to additional forms of data such as retail mutual fund data.
  • Data Feeds – For those that have their own in-house analytics systems, you may choose a data feed that integrates with your internal operations.
  • Submit My Data – Register to submit your data and/or learn why asset and hedge fund managers choose to submit data to eVestment.

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“eVestment is an industry leader and second to none in terms of the amount of data that is easily available at your fingertips. The ease with which we can access the data makes our jobs as research professionals that much more efficient – it’s an awesome resource that we leverage daily.”

Mark Stoner
Research Operations Associate

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