eVestment Holdings Analysis

Holdings Analysis

Deconstruct returns based on holdings — understand the drivers behind performance. 

As a consultant or investor, breaking down the components of active return is key to better understanding a manager’s performance, evaluating investment decisions and determining the right questions to ask. With built-in Analytics integration, eVestment Holding Analysis provides the industry’s only view into how asset managers are actively allocating capital across equity securities, sectors, industries and geographies. 

Consultants and investors can see clearly how a manager's holdings compare relative to hundreds of market indexes or to other managers in eVestment. Determine if a manager is adhering to stated investment policies or distinguish a manager’s marketing message and investment activity from the thousands of other firms and products in the market.

For managers, interpreting the impact of investment choices adds value to clients who demand transparency in reporting. Understanding direct differences between your equity holdings and an aggregate of active institutional managers in your eVestment universe provides an edge to better communicate how your investment decisions differ from your peers. 

Consultants and investors have access to detailed manager holdings. Managers can view their own holdings and aggregated data about holdings of their peers. 

Leverage 100% Global Institutional Holdings Data

  • Take advantage of our database, which is fed directly by managers who update holdings, performance and other data on a regular basis.
  • Analyze thousands of institutional equity strategies by simply opening a profile – equity holdings coverage includes both U.S. and Global portfolios.

Conduct Peer Analysis 

  • Compare managers against peers. The integration of eVestment peer universes provides users with an intuitive, peer relative baseline against which to compare a manager.
  • Perform attribution analysis using a benchmark of active managers to determine how well managers are allocating assets and selecting stocks compared to peers. 
  • Customize the benchmark used for attribution analysis with user-entered data. 
  • Identify historical and current overweight and underweight positions so performance data can be viewed in the context of peers as well as a benchmark.
  • Quantify the risk of overlapping specific securities across a whole portfolio or universe through peer group comparisons.

Differentiate Yourself From Other Managers 

  • Use historical and active allocation data to back up your distinctive strategies for security selection. 
  • Illustrate the difference between your product weights and peer weights, and highlight key investment decisions that show how your firm is adding value.
  • Arm your team with data that lets you contrast and compare your positions with peer positions.
  • Ensure your sales, marketing, consulting relations, product development and RFP teams are effectively advocating a consistent and clear message.

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