Populating the leading databases is the most efficient, yet time-consuming, way to ensure that you get in front of institutional investors.


Your database profile is your firm’s first impression to the investment community. Consultants and investors rely on databases to conduct searches and to perform due diligence and manager monitoring. However, managers continue to miss opportunities by failing to provide consultants and data providers with timely and accurate information. Why? Because the time and effort involved with fulfilling requests can be overwhelming. eVestment Omni solutions can help with this familiar challenge.

eVestment Omni helps you minimize time and effort required when reporting periodic data, while increasing viewership — and success — in over 60 consultant and third-party databases. eVestment can help you generate and submit data files in the formats required for databases with the essential information consultants and investors want, allowing you to increase exposure no matter the size of your team. With Omni you may choose the level of service that best meets your needs without compromising on quality, accuracy or timeliness.

Learn more about our suite of technology enabled solutions:

Omni Source

Omni Source is a technology-enabled solution using client-specific, rules-based formatting so managers can submit quantitative data to traditional consultant and third-party databases in just a few clicks — with accuracy and efficiency. With Omni Source we help make sense of your data, providing a clean version formatted for easy uploading at quarter-end.

Omni Complete

Omni Complete includes many of the benefits of Omni Source and as a full service solution a dedicated team of eVestment experts handle the whole process on your behalf — starting with the creation of a custom marketing plan specific to your needs and a dashboard tool to monitor progress along the way. Omni Complete also includes the ability to populate a wider range of traditional databases with quantitative AND qualitative information quarterly. Our full service offering is ideal for the asset manager with more complex data formatting requirements who needs a turn-key solution from start to finish.

Omni Alternatives

As a full service solution specific to the hedge fund industry, our team of experts work with you to create a tailor-made database marketing plan, complete registration processes and submit your quantitative and qualitative data to a wide array of databases on a monthly basis. Omni Alternatives includes transparent progress reporting and collaboration through a private portal, as well as consulting/project management to ensure outstanding results.


Increase Viewership in Consultant and Third-Party Databases

Reach consultants sooner with quick, complete updates — avoid embarrassment over data discrepancies. On average, Omni clients see a 26% increase in viewership just six months after purchasing compared to an average viewership growth rate of 7% for all firms in the eVestment database. 

Minimize Your Time and Effort Reporting Quarter-End Data

eVestment can help reduce the time spent on database submissions so you can focus on fund management.  View the list below for examples of the type of data we update:

  • Firm overview (history, ownership, compliance)
  • Performance, composite information and GIPS status
  • Assets Under Management (AUM)
  • Top clients, client and account turnover
  • Product descriptions and policies
  • Portfolio characteristics (turnover, range of holdings)
  • Fundamental characteristics (P/E, ROE, earnings growth)
  • Current allocations (sector, country, currency)
  • Fees (schedule, minimums, calculated ranges)
  • Personnel statistics, biographies
  • Market commentary 

Reduce the Risk of Exclusion from Qualified Searches

As industry and database experts, we offer unique insight into the fields most searched by investors and consultants. In addition, by providing complete and accurate data on a regular basis with a consistent, systematic process, you increase the likelihood of passing database screens.

Mitigate Employee Turnover Risk and Improve Data Practices

Employee turnover combined with unmapped, manual processes can increase staffing and training costs – not to mention gaps in data or missed deadlines.  A rules-based, documented approach ensures database knowledge transfer.

Access to 24x7 Client Service

With offices around the globe, we are always here to help with any issues you may experience. In many cases our analysts will reach out to you proactively to make you aware of changes or updates to databases, preventing problems before they cause you headaches.

"The database entry piece has been a home run — eVestment took a difficult process and made it much easier."

Director of Global Institutional Client Service
Large Institutional Asset Manager and Retirement Plan Provider

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