Peer Alpha

Peer Alpha

Enhance performance analysis and compare specific allocation differences among peers. Peer Alpha is fundamentally changing the way investment managers are differentiating their equity strategies and how allocators assess managers  — leveraging the industry’s only 100% institutional-holdings database.

eVestment Peer Alpha provides the industry’s only view into how asset managers are actively allocating capital across equity securities, sectors, industries and geographies. For managers, understanding direct differences between equity holdings and those of your peers provides an informational edge to better analyze active allocations. For allocators, Peer Alpha gives an inside scoop on your manager's holdings compared to other managers in the universe.

Our peer analysis shows exactly how a manager’s portfolio differs from the average portfolio of active institutional managers in the respective eVestment universe by calculating the arithmetic average weight of an equity security across all the portfolios in that universe. With Peer Alpha you can identify top stocks in a universe, quantify overweight and underweight positions, and view the degree of common ownership within the universe. 

Assess competitive position

eVestment Peer Alpha identifies top-ranking stocks within specific universes and shows how manager portfolios contrast with the average portfolio in the universe — making it easy to compare active allocations for stocks, sectors and geographies against peers.

Differentiate your product and your philosophy

With eVestment Peer Alpha you have historical and active allocation data to back up your distinctive strategies for security selection. By illustrating the difference between your product weights and peer weights you can now highlight key investment decisions that show how your firm is adding value.

Enhance performance and holdings overlap analysis

Peer Alpha allows you to identify historical and current overweight and underweight positions so you can explain performance data in the context of your peers, rather than a benchmark. Peer group comparisons also allow you to broaden your holdings overlap analysis by quantifying the risk of overlapping securities across multiple universes.

Align marketing strategy and sales resources

Armed with data that lets you contrast and compare your positions with peer positions, you can ensure your sales, marketing, consulting relations, product development and RFP teams are effectively advocating a consistent and clear message.

Gain an edge with 100% institutional data

Peer Alpha is the only source of institutional holdings data providing insight to allocations across equity securities, sectors, industries and geographies — inside and outside of your universe — so that you can clearly differentiate your strategy and offerings.