PerTrac Portfolio

Enhance transparency and mitigate operational risk by automating and systematizing the management of your portfolios of hedge funds.

Maintaining a multi-manager portfolio requires detailed organization. As a hedge fund allocator, you’re challenged with complex liquidity terms – so complex it is easy to miss redemption windows and incur penalties. Without accurate cash flow predictions, you are unable to plan trades or alert stakeholders as to the liquidity of their portfolio. Calculating portfolio balances in a timely manner is also a factor, as well as evaluating exposure risk.  In-house systems may not be capable of tracking all terms or balances and are often too intricate for another employee to operate in the case of the original creator leaving the firm.

PerTrac Portfolio helps funds of funds and other multi-manager institutional investors enhance transparency and mitigate operational risk by automating and systematizing the processes around the management of their portfolios of hedge funds. Portfolio was designed by a former funds-of-funds manager based on the feedback of hundreds of portfolio managers and uses the most complete liquidity terms engine in the industry. By providing advanced liquidity analysis, portfolio exposure analysis and multi-currency cash management, Portfolio  replaces homegrown systems and allows investors to minimize portfolio costs, reduce liquidity risk, monitor exposure and better predict cash flows — all under one roof with PerTrac Analytics integration.

Advanced Liquidity Analysis

  • Understand your portfolio’s upcoming redemption possibilities at a single glance with a color-coded graphical representation of monthly position liquidity
  • See detailed information regarding possible redemption dates and notice deadlines as well as redeemable weight and potential penalty amounts
  • Easily identify penalty-free hedge fund redemption periods to minimize portfolio costs 

Portfolio Exposure Analysis

  • Dynamically calculate your portfolio-level exposures on any chosen date as you model or monitor your portfolio
  • As changes occur to your portfolio’s allocations, performance or cash balances, see where you stand relative to geographic, sector, strategy, market cap or concentration exposures
  • Enter the minimum and maximum exposures that a fund should stay within, so you can monitor when any of the indicators have crossed into the danger zone

Multi-Currency Cash Management

  • Easily reconcile monthly positions to your general ledger  
  • Project future cash transactions such as holdbacks, portfolio inflows/outflows and miscellaneous expenses
  • Track every portfolio expense or let the unique bulk cash reconciliation feature relieve the burden of formal accounting procedures