Professional Services

Delivering powerful and actionable institutional insights

Professional Services maximizes the value gained from subscriptions to eVestment data and solutions. Driven by the most comprehensive institutional data, our experts extend beyond any platform, time and knowledge constraints to deliver powerful, actionable insights. Leveraging our deep understanding of the institutional market, we operate at the heart of your business, becoming a trusted partner in defining and delivering insights pertinent to your institutional success.

Intelligence Reporting

Our quarterly intelligence reports help answer business questions such as:

What position do we hold within our peer groups, as defined by investors, and how can we enhance distribution efforts?

Where are there addressable growth opportunities and how do I implement an informed strategy to target these?

How do we understand regional or investor-type demands to effectively position ourselves for new business?

Custom Services

Partnering with you to define and deliver tailored projects to meet the needs of your business. Examples of Custom Services offered include:

Competitor Analysis

Product Analysis


Database Population Audits

Template Re-Creation

Training & Development

Ensure platform and data fluency across all your users, allowing you to:

Unlock the full potential of your team(s) to produce institutional insights

Ensure all users are working towards team and organizational goals

Develop an internal champion, capable of driving excellence within your business

Complete key eVestment projects with efficiency



How Can eVestment Help Your Firm?