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Public Plan IQ is a searchable research platform which aggregates competitive intelligence from US, Canada and UK public pension funds. Public Plan IQ gives clients access to relevant, publicly disclosed information such as board materials/videos, meeting notes and minutes, annual reports, fee disclosures, client and prospect presentations, asset allocations and investment policies. Clients can easily search across 30+ document attributes as well as the underlying text of over 25,000 documents in the database, gaining valuable industry intelligence and early insights into global money movement.


Five Ways to Capitalize on Valuable Public Intelligence

“Public Plan IQ provides high quality competitive intelligence that is a valued tool in our business development and client servicing.”

– Managing Director, Los Angeles Capital

“Public Plan IQ is critical to identifying potential prospects and better positioning ourselves.”

– Executive VP & Director of Institutional Services, Loomis Sayles

Search Thousands of Documents

Use the Public Plan Explorer to search through a comprehensive database of materials from U.S. and Canadian State and Local Public Fund Sponsors, and UK Local Government Pension Schemes. The database covers traditional asset classes along with alternatives including hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity and real assets.

Access Actual Plan Materials

Review board presentation materials including actual pricing information on management and performance fees. By collecting this information from hundreds of public plans, Public Plan IQ provides insights in one place that would be difficult and time consuming for a firm to collect on its own.

Stream Footage From Recorded Meetings

Watch actual board presentations as soon as they are released. Learn what issues are top of mind for the plans and consultants you are already working with or considering working with in the future – and listen to the discussion around those topics.

Receive Custom Email Alerts

Relevant new content is sent straight to your inbox, sourced from the information you’re interested in seeing. Get an early glimpse of when a plan may be signalling reallocation intentions – while you have an opportunity to engage before the search is announced.

Learn How You Can Access Valuable Competitive Intelligence

Public Plan IQ
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Five Ways to Capitalize on Public Intelligence