Designed to meet varying informational needs, eVestment Research publications cover the global hedge fund industry providing key trends and measures for performance, investor flows and structural change.

eVestment Research Reports

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Industry Structure

As the hedge fund industry evolves, so do its structural characteristics. The annual Industry Structure reports deliver the aggregated global and regional metrics that allow clients to properly align their businesses to the changing landscape.

Hedge Fund Asset Flows and Performance

On a quarterly basis, asset flows illustrate the size of the industry and its change due to investor flows versus performance. The regional, market, sector and strategy segments illuminate what is driving allocations and redemptions across the industry. The performance comparison portion of the report provides a unique reference for ranking return and risk across more than 30 fund classifications.

Strategy Focus

Access to the largest dataset on hedge funds in the industry allows for in-depth analysis on a diverse set of classifications. Updated bi-annually and covering six major fund universes, including their regional exposures, Strategy Focus reports provide performance, investor flows and trend information on the following segments: Macro/Managed Futures, Event Driven/Distressed, Multi-Strategy, Securitized Credit, Equity Strategies and Funds of Hedge Funds.

Hedge Fund Index Return Streams

The HFN Indices are a set of rules-based hedge fund benchmarks, populated from the industry’s largest dataset of active and inactive hedge funds. Access to the full return streams for all 48 aggregate, regional, sector and strategy specific indices is made available in Excel format through a password protected portal of the eVestment website. A new file is made available once a month by the 15th day of each month.