eVestment for Salesforce

Built for Distribution, Consultant Relations & Client Service Teams


Access eVestment intelligence alongside your opportunities, allowing you to get eVestment content to multiple users across your organization with ease – and in the platform they are already using. eVestment for Salesforce works best if your firm has access to Dashboards.

  • Gain insight into the competitive landscape, revealing opportunities for conversation starters.
  • Be alerted to recent and relevant activity among closest competitors, as well as key changes to your own firm’s products.
  • Access side-by-side product comparisons using the most commonly viewed data points.
  • Perform simple searches by product, firm or ticker for one-off analysis.
  • Easily attach eVestment product profiles to Salesforce accounts or opportunities.

This out-of-the-box app requires no integration or custom mapping, which keeps implementation simple.

Step 1: Identify the list of Salesforce objects you will want to attach eVestment reports to, including any of your custom objects.

Step 2: Install eVestment plug and play app in your Sandbox environment

Step 3: Test and validate installation

Step 4: Deploy to your Production Salesforce environment

Step 5: Connect your custom objects to the eVestment for Salesforce app.