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Success is determined by much more than performance numbers. Powered by the combined intelligence of eVestment solutions, Scorecard provides a visualization of the factors indicative of product strength. The eVestment Scorecard model analyzes 120+ metrics, determining which variables are most predictive of asset flows in a particular universe. View the score for individual products or across entire product lineups to see an apples-to-apples comparison across multiple strategies. Or, custom-weight categories and metrics to create your own models based on your own criteria.


“We use Scorecard as a resource to see the strength of our strategies, product positioning and for setting goals for future prospect planning and forecasting.”

– Consultant Relations Supervisor, Global Asset Management Firm

Predictive Factors

Rate on Predictive Attributes

Rate products across Performance, Asset Flows, Marketability, Universe Health and Distribution Impact. Drill down to find out which factors are most predictive of success in a universe.

Product Potential

Identify Product Potential

Use unique factors to assess products based on the universe. Combine our proprietary intelligence with traditional metrics — giving you a more complete understanding of product potential.


Capitalize on Opportunities

Product strategy decisions regarding resource allocations are critical. Decide when, where and how to launch new products to the marketplace or promote existing products.

Trend Analysis

Measure Effectiveness

Determine the effectiveness of efforts through trend analysis measurement. Align sales and marketing resources to produce the greatest impact and identify opportunities to adjust focus.


Create Custom Scorecards

Adjust the weights of categories to review entire universes of managers on over 120 metrics. Measure against internal criteria or the variables most important to your own methodologies.

Universe Health

Improve Due Diligence

Quickly compare managers and see the health of their universes. Visualize current lineups as well as potential managers that should be on your radar on an ongoing basis.

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