Advantage Viewership Report – May 2019

About the Report

Understanding the firms, their products, and strategy universes of greatest and rising interest within the global institutional community is a unique advantage for asset managers, and an intriguing view into regional peer preferences for investors and consultants. The goal of this report is to provide all parties clarity on evolving themes and preferences as they emerge each month.

EAFE-focused equity universes on the rise in Asia ex-Japan.

Half of the top 10 rising universes by investors and consultants located in Asia ex-Japan were focused on developed markets ex-US/Canada equities. None of the EAFE universes were value-oriented, but they did include all cap, large cap, and small cap variants of core and growth styles.

Report Highlights:

  • UK investors shift attention to risk parity and other BlackRock strategies.
  • Europe ex-UK investors show high levels of interest in local regional fixed income and APAC hedge funds.
  • Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management draws strong and rising interest from investors and consultants located in Canada.
  • Dodge & Cox, GQG Partners LLC show up in May’s global top viewed list with two strategies each.

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