Best Practices for Manager Selection

Webinar – Screening for Success: Best Practices for Using Investment Databases in Manager Selection

Screening fund managers is the first step of the manager selection process, and it is crucial for investors to be able to quickly and efficiently research the broadest pool of manager talent.

Watch this exclusive webinar for institutional investors, where we explore different approaches to screening, and the best practices we see from clients engaged in manager selection and investment due diligence.

This webinar features Jeremy Lee, Director of Solutions for eVestment EMEA, and Philippe Letscher, CFA, Solutions Specialist at eVestment, who cover:

  • Best practices for selecting managers in a cost-efficient way
  • Tips for narrowing down universes to manageable lists of investment strategies
  • The importance of defining desired characteristics and data to screen on
  • A live example of a screening process in eVestment