LSV Asset Management

Firm Profile: Value Equity Management

LSV Asset Management (LSV) is a quantitative value equity manager providing active management for institutional investors. LSV prides itself on keeping a small staff focused on its core competency, investment management. The firm was interested in how eVestment could help to improve the efficiency of its operation. LSV Asset Management has been an eVestment client since 2001 and subscribes to eVestment Analytics, Advantage, Asset Flows, Holdings Analysis, Omni, and Scorecard.

Case Study: Analytics and Omni

LSV has been a client since 2001 and initially used eVestment for competitive analysis. “As more offerings became available and eVestment grew, we were kept well informed by our local eVestment representatives of ways that we could improve the efficiency of our operation,” said James Owens, LSV Partner & Director of Client Portfolio Services. LSV uses Analytics to look at competitors, better position themselves with prospects or clients and to do competitive analysis on fee structure and products. “Analytics is very flexible and offers us the ability to do things we would have just done without in the past. I can tell you we are far better off today with it as a tool,” Owens said.

Case Study: Market Lens

Some of the main challenges that LSV was hoping to solve with Market Lens include wanting to be more efficient with where the team was spending their time and resources when handling new business opportunities, preparing for client meetings and gaining a deeper understanding of consultant perceptions of the firm. eVestment spoke with Brett Goldacker, Associate Director, New Business Development and Josh Dupont, Director, Client Portfolio Services, about their experience using Market Lens and their excitement about strategic projects the solution will allow them to execute.

How Can eVestment Help Your Firm?