Citi Business Advisory Services

Firm Profile: Investment Bank

The Business Advisory Services unit of Citi serves a diverse range of clients in the asset management industry, from small start-up hedge fund managers to large institutional size funds. The group publishes thought-leadership pieces and industry research on the asset management sector. They also provide clients with comprehensive consulting and advisory services to support them through all phases of their growth and maturity. Citi has been an eVestment client since 2016 and subscribes to eVestment Analytics, Advantage, Asset Flows, Holdings Analysis and Scorecard.

Case Study: Analytics, Advantage, Asset Flows, Holdings Analysis and Scorecard

The team at Citi was attracted to eVestment’s data and insights solution as they required a view of global trends to ensure they continued to provide valuable support to their clients. They were utilizing a lot of data sources, but needed a platform that gave them a broader perspective. “We were pulling in a lot of data streams from various providers to aid in our research, but we didn’t feel we could get a wide view of how products and universes are performing, or attracting flows,” said the director of the research team. “We were hard-pressed to have a holistic solution for tracking the asset management industry.”

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