Clarius Group

Firm Profile: Family Office

Clarius Group is a multi-family office focused on building multi-asset portfolios managed by third-party money managers. Clarius Group is based in Seattle, Washington. They have been a client since 2015 and subscribe to eVestment Research Management.

Case Study: eVestment Research Management

“We found there was a lack of intuitive solutions to capture the institutional knowledge on money managers in a way that makes sense to investment professionals.”

“Immediately as we started using eVestment Research Management, we saw its capabilities and its evolutionary trajectory were very much aligned with our needs – because it was built by practitioners of investment research.”

“From a day-to-day perspective, the ability to drag and drop and quickly retrieve what you need without having to worry about the organizational aspect of a folder, drive, or database that you must maintain is preferable.”

“It is very easy to use right out of the box with very little learning curve. Like the first time you picked up an iPhone and knew immediately where everything was — eVestment Research Management has a similar ease of use.”

Clarius Group - eVestment Research Management case study

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